Monday, October 29, 2007

there's something new

New cabin bag...

New hairstyle...

New me... *uhuk uhuk..


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Friday, October 26, 2007

won was in town

What to do while you're in Singapore?

Frankly speaking, up till my 4.5yr in Singapore, I still have no idea despite the usual Esplanade, Chinatown, Sentosa, Suntec and Orchard *wahaha.

Therefore, when Won was in town for a short visit, I had no idea where to bring him around. He has been to these few places except Sentosa I think. But I am only free in the evening after my training and we wouldn't have enough time to go there.

And so....tha da... our meetings were full of FOOD!!

Yeap... spaghetti, pizza, fish and chicken combo at Spageddies, drinks at TCC, satay, stingray and la la at Lau Pa Sat and not to forget a durian treat at Geylang :)

He has not changed since the last time I met him last Dec. Still the same old guy! with his AIESEC shirts, especially HUFS pink shirt ^o^ hahaha...peace Won!

Thanks much for the pink shirt *I am unofficially a HUFS @er too, I had a shirt and a jacket from you. Cya again okie! Wait for me in Korea....

3 D24 durians for the four of us.... yummy yummy and insufficient!

And the gank!
guess where it is?...
alamak...haven't been to SMU for a longgg time *haha

at Food Republic, Wisma Atria.
Notice his pink @HUFS shirt now?
and my new course's notes? hehe

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

BBQ at Melvin's place..


Full of cucumber and grape...

Later followed by Stingray, Prawns and crabs *yeay yeay

Don't be fooled...this is nothing in reality!

Our fashionable chef, Ms Prisc and the quality controller, Mr Melvin

A hungry man is an angry man... but We are happy!!!

After meal and games and silly contest...
ow...and ice-cream war!

One more time please!
Bleh...what a great time I had *if only I dont have to think about my waistline haha

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Aiyaya... my Panda eyes are getting more visible these days.
Bozhe bozhe preventive measures need to be taken before it gets worse.

Let me tell you about my freaking fun Saturday!

It was supposed to be a day where I can sleep and wake up late in the morning, lie down on my bed while dreaming about the beautiful things in life or simply watch movies from my notebook. But NO!! That Saturday we were asked to return to the training centre to attend our announcement class. If you're wondering what that is... try to recall those announcements on board in languages other than English.

Got it??
Yeah... foreigners are trained to deliver those announcement :)

So, the next time you take the-world-well-known-airlines-for-its-service to Jakarta, Denpasar or Surabaya, try to guess if it's my voice you're listening to!! wahahaha

Anyway, the class was kinda cool for a Saturday morning. With only gorgeous Indonesian girls *I'm complimenting the others lorr....* in the language lab, it was a rare occasion where we can chat happily in our own national language. I used to think it's pretty easy to do an announcement, but I was proven wrong. We have to know the sequence, we have to be alert in our translation, we have to be careful on our intonation, speed, articulation, etc to ensure we deliver the message in the most effective way (to sound confident, firm yet not too authoritative). Love it to the max....coz it reminded me of my hi-skul time... speeches, presenters, etc.
Man...can I be a news anchor one day?

So the grading passed succesfully *yeay yeay...I am recommended to do announcement! yippiee...

At around 2.30pm, we're set to go. I checked my mobile coz we're going to have a BBQ in the evening. 3 missed-calls and 1 SMS. Owkay...I clicked on the left button. Oh my... I was stunned, did I look at the right thing, did I read it wrongly, did I press any buttons? There appeared my best Ukrainian friend's name. I rub my's still there. I was in a state of confusion when I asked my friends to check again. Oh my...

It's true...he did call. I SMSed to ask...and my ringtone was never as melodious as this one. Geez... thanks for the call *cloud nine cloud nine. It really made my day :) I talked to my big bro in Dnepropetrovsk too, Richard from Colombia. It's around 5C now... I could hear the trembles in their voice.

I MISS YOU guys so much!!!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed ok...hopefully I could visit you again next year ^^

Miss you guys more than words can say!

Hugz & kisses,
Dee-lighted Dee

ps: Will update about the bbq later....tired now haha

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Exhaustion... starts to creep in!

I'm a dead meat -___-''


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I wonder if I have already closed the book...

Apparently not yet is the answer...

coz everytime I see your face...

everytime I hear your name...

everytime those moments come...

I can't help but missing you...

and my heart beats faster...

but then it sinks...

and I don't know what to do...

do you?


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Monday, October 15, 2007

Met Lebaran ya..

Minal Aidin Wal Faidzin
Mohon Maaf Lahir dan Batin


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Friday, October 12, 2007

loving life

Such a tiring day after running around at the airport from 0900 till 1800.
OMIGOD... felt like chopping the legs so I dont have to bear with the pain *aihh...* and wish there's a cool cute looking massager to help me ease the pain *tsah...

Anyway, good news:
- Parents are coming to town tomorrow *but...exam is coming on Monday
- Won Jang is coming next Monday *heyllooo dude....cya very very soon
- Counting down to my training flight *yeay yeay...scary sia
- From Tuesday onwards, we can wear more casually and put on only light make-up *HOORAY
- I'm gonna receive $150 Borders e-card from NTU SCI *haha... since 2006 man!
- My USB ports are now working. Thanks much Sharon!
- Missing my friends in Ukraine *hiks... but it's a good sign, isn't it?

Bad news:
- I am broke... *as always
- In need of exercise and shedding some weight
- Tired.... physically, mentally and spiritually
- Aint a fighter *if u know what I mean
- In need of upgrading my brain's HDD and RAM, incl 'turn off' time
- Constipation *grrr....

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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

More exams to come


"All of you passed your exams :) "

Yeay..yeay...4 papers were finally over and done.
Well, some batchmates had to retake some of the papers, but thank God... I passed :)

However, it seemed that our celebration only lasted during the weekend. Why, you asked?
Coz next Monday we will have another exam for another course.

Whattt? In a week you have 5 papers?
Yeah babe...

What else?
Hm....let's see. We finished the 15-cm long notes in 4 weeks time before we had our exams. Then, after Paper 4, we collected 2 more new sets of materials in two separate folders.
So what?
And today... again, we received another 7-cm notes *ha...ha....ha.... headache snutt snutt snutt...

Now we pronunce that it ain't easy job for sure.

How did we celebrate then?
The class decided to go to the clubs as we get free entrance *wahaha....* and discounts too.

However, I joined them later on around midnight. I went to AIESEC Mentorship Night at Harry's Bar. I can't describe how much FUN I had. I laughed alot, talked alot, teased alot *Sharon, I wasn't high. I was overjoyed!

It was a really great feeling to meet my @ friends and newbies, although I wasn't even familiar with alot of them. I miss AIESEC dearly.... I miss having such a great time with ol' friends and even if I don't know them, we seem to know each other before. Miss you guys so much.

At almost 12pm, I reached Zouk - Velvet with some @ers. When I arrived, Mawar has already drunk *pretty cute heh. The music sucks to the max... retro?? big no no. Hip hop?, but I could hardly breathe -___-''

Around 2pm we decided to migrate to Clarke Quay. Ow...we met plenty colleagues at Zouk though. At Clarke Quay, some of us merely wanted to hang out, have some drinks and chat. But but but.... due to certain circumstances, we had to enter Ministry of Sound (MoS).

Dang...I expect something HUGE and AWESOME, y'know. Trance music seriously hurt my brain. I fell down to the floor, being kicked around to the corner while I screamed in pain... *hahah jk jk. Nah...seriously it's NOT my cup of tea as well. Yet, the show must go on. There we were, a bunch of creative people, choreographing silly dances and laughing our lungs out.

Not bad....I burn some calories *muahahaha.

Ow.... I'm gonna have my training flight to Sydney and Tokyo. Nice.... too bad it's only a 1-nite stay *sigh...

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Monday, October 08, 2007

can you help me?

Dear friends,

Right to the point, I have a favour to ask here. If you opened my humble notepad here *read: this blog*, am sure you'd be welcomed by a nice song from the slideshow. So, being known as a super laggard, can you please help me to download the song?

It is 'Ache' by James Carrington. A sad song with deep meaning and catchy tunes *for me at least*.

I really appreciate your help and I hope that any one of you would beep me for that. I am hoping to find the song greets me when I open my mailbox next time.

Thanks much and you've been of a great help, pal.


ps: Will update my happening weekend next time k :)


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Friday, October 05, 2007

life is good


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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

say my name...say my name...

Recommended by Lele, I clicked on

and here are the first FIVE slogan for my name:

  1. Diana Dawidson - to hell with the rest
    (Le.... why does it have to be similar to yours?)
  2. Nobody doesn't like Diana Dawidson
    (Amen!! ^^)
  3. Buy Diana Dawidson now!
    (Alamak... I am NOT for sale euy!)
  4. Praise Diana Dawidson
    (Oh Diana Almighty... you're the %*#^%&^...)
  5. Everyone loves Diana Dawidson
    (Yippie kaye...thanks yeah muahaha)

Back to study....

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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

love is all around...

Today was my very first time visiting a nursing home.

After a super quick breakfast of Mie Rebus at the canteen, Yanna and I rushed back to the class and found our trainer for the day was there. He was the first trainer who approached us and shoke our hands *and yeah...we were slightly late huhu and so I missed singing the company song haha*. A good day to start.

After his brief introduction to our programme of the day, we found out that preparing only ONE song was simply insufficient. So how? Some friends insisted on having the Indo girls sing a song or two *coz last nite we're having dinner together and on our way home...Yanna and I sang our heart out for some Indo songs*. No probliem!!! For community service, singing a song won't kill us.

On our way to the home at Woodlands, we hopped onto the last row. Merrily throughout the journey, we sang lotsa songs....dancing....playing....fooling around. Seriously, I feel like my crazy childish self is resurrected *wahaha. It was freakingly FUN FUN FUN and NOISY. The rest of the class was pretty entertained by our hilarious actions I suppose.

Furthermore, the day was even greater when we arrived there and met the people. They were so happy to see us and so did we all. Smiles were all over. I love it! Joko and Oneng started by singing 'Wu Ding' from Jay Chou and Wen Lan. One grandma was overtly-excited that she just stood up and held Joko's hand while he sang. Such a touching moment!! Some girls were unable to control our tear-bag.... *trink trink crystal eyes...

Later we continued with 'More Than Words', followed by 'Potong Bebek Angsa' (a children song from Indonesia). We only practised this song for 5 mins in the class after the briefing and we came up with the dance movements too. Certainly I could sense that the residents enjoyed the performance. However, that's not the end... our China friends presented a song 'Ming Tian Hui Gen Hao' (tomorrow is gonna be better)... sweet.

And so we thought we're over with our songs... when suddenly one of the grandma requested "Burung Kakak Tua". Spontaneously the three of us sang the song happily. Trek dung...trek dung...

We assisted them to the canteen, fed them, talked to them.... And I am grateful LOT. I am grateful I was given such an opportunity in life, I am grateful I was able to make their day in any way possible, I am grateful I could have such a wonderful day, .... and I am grateful I was able to converse in English, Malay, Chinese and Hokkian *coz this is seriously crucial as many of the elderly speaks dialect. Gosh... I am so glad to know these languages.

I never imagine I could make someone's day so much more beautiful while I myself enjoy it so much, and I don't have to fork out alot of extra resources. I still vividly remember when a grandma held my hand tightly and talked to me in Hokkian, thanking us for coming and making her day; when a quiet man who seemed a lil unwelcoming asked me to trace his palm and wrote my name there; when a young Malay man was so happy when I talked to him in Malay; when a woman kept reminding me to get her an apple; when I looked at those grandmas in the eyes... smiled.... and said in Hokkian: 'Come...let's eat for health'.... and she opened her mouth in reply.

Gosh....I really had a GREAT AWESOME moment and I learn from it too ^.*

And to add it on, my trainer told me: "You've very inquisitive. I like it."

The man who brought us around at the home commented, "You're from Indonesia? I really like your energy and enthusiasm. Thank you."

when I earnestly think.... I am the one who should be thankful.

So, why wait? Do your share!!

I bet it's gonna be a fulfilling experience.

The good news is.... WE ARE ALL GONNA GROW OLD too :)

The day continued with a talk about Japan and its culture. What a kawaii trainer :) She's soooo cute and she looks really young *envy envy.

At 5.15pm, we had another session on Friends In Need to help us on our journey to become a real sky-fighter *hehe. Enjoyed the session as we played games. C'mon...when else can we run, jump and shout at our training centre??? NEVER!!

Our day ended at 6.45pm... tired and hungry, Yanna and I went for a dinner at Geylang. Love the fried the ice-cream dino!!

Only one word: HEAVEN!

It's time to zzz now..... nite nite

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