Sunday, September 30, 2007

diversity is wonderful

What make my training sessions much more enjoyable and FUN?

Let's see... aside from crazee bunch of 'quiet' mates, silly jokes and gossips *haha*, interactive sessions and interesting trainers...

We also have lotsa role-plays. And I gotta say we have plentiful talented actors and actresses in the class, not to forget a couple of clowns.

It is much easier to relate and understand through demonstration of the points. From non-verbal communication (gestures, eye contact, body language, etc) to handling some passengers, we've been there and done that.

We've had Joko and Siti *names have been changed to protect their privacy*, a newly-wed couple, discussing about their honeymoon. Calling each other "Honey arr..." while showing us their pictures *hohohoho.... and you should see the natural blushers on the guy's cheeks*.

Another fresh wife, Ijah, went on to exclaim, "This is the best honeymoon I have ever had," when asked by Roma, her husband about their honeymoon. The class bursted out laughing... HAVE EVER HAD??
The scene was then followed by a fight among two women on board out of jealousy, when Inul, the woman next to them started to 'talk' to Roma. Hilarious....

Have you ever heard a comment made by an air-steward, "Yes Mam, I am sure you have wonderful thighs." Or maybe by an air-stewardess, "Don't forget to call me if you need. Just press the 'right' button ok," while her fingers pressed onto the male passenger's thigh *wahahaha. Just can't believe how creative we are!

Besides that, I've been using my Chinese again. At least I am trying to improve my deteriorated Chinese. Now, we have 7 Chinese girls (3 transferred to our batch) so I shall utilize this opportunity.

Of course, we do teach some Indonesian words too.
Siapa nama kamu?
Siapa lo?
Terima kasih
Bebek Betutu

Joko learned anjing, goblok (meaning: dog, stupid) *geezz...* while Tono can't pronunce monyet (read: mo-nyet, meaning monkey) but mo-nyieekkk.

Wahahaa....what a colourful class!

ps: It's been a month since I started work... where's my moneyyyyyyy?

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Saturday, September 29, 2007

postcard challenge


I am back with Postcard Challenge.

What is that?

A German friend of mine started this project recently. Due to our mass use of electronic devices and thus the change in our communication channels, he is now nostalgic about receiving 'physical' communication channels. Something that he can treasure and hold on too. Well, I do too.

Isn't it a great feeling when you looked into your mailox and found that colourful postcard or a simple letter in white or pink envelope waiting patiently for you to read? Am sure it is.

So.... why don't we start this Postcard Challenge. Send René Springmeier a postcard (or more) and if you're the lucky Top 100, he'll send you a postcard (or more) in return.

For more information, check this out:

His address:
René Springmeier
Mohlstr. 44/5
72074 Tuebingen

ps: Spread the news...but NO spamming please!


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Wednesday, September 26, 2007



It is time to learn for more abbreviations *outside AIESEC terms*

but I firstly need to upgrade my brain processor...

So overwhelmed...

So overloaded...

So bloated... *from the free meals that we had these 2 days at the centre. It's FOOD module afterall...hahaha


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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

happy mooncake fest

Yummy mooncake specially for you.... ENJOY!!

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Monday, September 24, 2007

cloud nine

How can I not be on the cloud nine when someone said this to me...

You're the one *of 2 persons* who made influence on my life even without presence, just for thoughts that you give to think about...

Mind the grammar.... I am grateful!

Thanks for everything... you're always special to me :)


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Sunday, September 23, 2007

another weekend juz passed

Welcome back Monday!!

Entering our 4th week.... getting closer to our 1st exam....

and yeah... collected my 1st set of 'Kebaya' uniform on Saturday :)

I decided to consult a skin doctor and waved good-bye to a couple of hundred bucks *hiks hiks NOOOOOOO* rather than having my skin getting worse and risking getting grounded for that *and still have to consult a doctor then*....

so there I was...waiting patiently to 'donate' to him

and he drew my blood *arghhh....huhuhu


and with that, I pronunce NO MORE money-spending activities till next month *which is a few days away haha...*

stayed at home and read my 15cm materials for the exam...
accompanied by a couple of movies and my lil sis too...
and to top it off...

I AM SO HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY when Richard *my brother in Ukraine* came online and we talked.... OMG I am so so so so happy *wakaka...

Have a great week ahead all

ps: PH, be more careful next time k!

pps: More votes for LP... but I AM BROKE!!!

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Friday, September 21, 2007

exam is coming

EXAMS in 2 weeks time.... exactly 2 weeks time....

and I thought I despise exams, and I won't have anymore of them.

Start studying this weekend coz the passing grade is 80%, and we are not allowed to fail 2x (hm...two times throughout the whole course, NOT just this one).

Ganbatte ne!!

Yesterday we had our Beverages - Alcohol class. So, the first half of the day was superbly boring and dry. I admitted I almost fell asleep in class... geez

But after lunch, guess what? We went up to the mock-up and tested the alcohol. We even mixed some cocktails *yeah yeah*. I can fix my own Bloody Mary now... *huek huek...I don't like it*. Drank a lil... but I still prefer the Orange Juice haha...

Ow... I am selling my HTC Touch (LIME Green). So, interested....please click here :)


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Thursday, September 20, 2007


Black Eyed Peas (
22 Oct'07, Mon, 8pm
Singapore Indoor Stadium

Tix: S$75 - S$185


Linkin Park (
13 Nov'07, Tues, 8pm
Singapore Indoor Stadium

Tix: S$68 - S$148

Huhuhu...I'm broke broke broke.


Shall I go?


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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

sentosa for batch 928

It was our very first outing!

Batch 928 finally left our feet prints on Sentosa Island.

It was a day full of sweats, laughters, lame jokes, exercises... and picture-taking session.

The girls (incomplete) without our blue eye-shadow :)

The 'monkeys' in our class... haha
*don't you think they're such a poser too?? cute heh?


'Aladdin' and his 1000 princess

Guys....that's NOT what I meant when I toldja the pose -__-''

Final shot at Sentosa (which we sabotaged Brian)

Thai Express for dinner. Where was I?

Geez...I am just so tired. It's merely 8.30pm but my eyes are certainly crying for a sleep.
Too much information being passed around... and I am having break-outs *ARGHHH....
ps: If you seriously want to purchase the items below, lemme know personally k. Ow..this includes Triumph *hehe

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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Hey friends....

Great news for you!!

I can get discount for products from Lancome *hahaha*.
make-up items (foundation, 2-way cake, loose powder, blusher, concealer, nail polish, eye-liner, lipstick, eye-shadow, mascara, lipgloss, lip liner, etc) ,
skincare products (cleanser, toner, eye and make-up remover, moisturizer, mask and exfoliator,treatment, anti-ageing, lip treatment, whitening line, slim success, body care, etc) -- including Homme range for men.

Aside from that, discount also applies for fragrance products, such as:

So, just let me know if you want to buy any *you can save quite an amount I gotta say*.

Unsure or confused? just let me know also can lar... :)


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There Are Some Things Girls Should Always Do For Guys. Period.

There Are Some Things Girls Should Always Do For Guys. Period.

(To be fair to the guys out there :) )

1 As much as you want to talk about past relationships, keep it to a minimum, unless he asks. You don't want him to feel like he's in competition with anyone.

2 Every guy has a 'geeky' side of him. Whether it be video games, DVD, WoW, anime, football among other sports, or whatever. Don't make fun of him if you don't like it, either tolerate it, or learn to like it. DO NOT try to change him. If he's constantly ignoring you for that hobby of his, tell him.

3 When you hug the boy, hold tight. It doesn't hurt to rest your head on him either.

4 Compromise for movies. Watch his favorite movies and he'll give in for the movie you want to see.

5 Sometimes pay for the date! I know guys hate this, but if he takes you out constantly, it's more than likely he's going to be poor! Treat him sometime. Even if you just buy the snacks!

6 Hold his hand!! Even in the mall when you have a ton of bags, hold his hand.

7 Don't run away from his favorite stores, if you don't like them! Watch him. Gift ideas!!

8 Any time your guy gives you a compliment, don't just roll your eyes. He means it, and you should smile and say thank you.

9 Guys are pressured to take the relationship to a "deeper level". Stupid society. Anyway, if you dont want that in a relationship, tell him before things get too complicated! You can compromise too. If you are uncomfortable with something, STOP.

10 “Fine" or “whatever" is not an appropriate ending to a conversation. Only makes matters worse.

11 Life isn't a drama or a movie. This is real life, people. They don't often come with a sword, armor, and a white steed.

12 NEVER EVER kick them in the place below the belt. Even in a fight or argument, just don't do it.

13 TRUST HIM. Don't scream when he looks at another girl. We know you were goggling at the cute guy that just passed. It's nature. Don't dig through his phonebook, and hey, guys can have female friends just like girls can have male friends. If this makes things awkward, talk about it.

14 This should go without saying. Love him for who he is! Don't worry about what others think. Don't try to change him into what's cool and hip. Some compromises can be made, and tell him that if he ever has a problem you changing him, to tell you.

15 In an argument, just because society stereotypes women as being smarter, more mature, and men as dumb and immature, doesn't mean you are always right.

16 Listen to him. Even if it's something you don't want to hear. Good communication is key.

17 Cook. It may sound stereotypical, but a lot of guys like having a meal cooked for them. A lot of it is the thought, but if you truly are terrible, then maybe this isn't one you should try. If you know how to cook, maybe teach him, or you both can learn together.

18 Sing. Many girls underestimate how well they sing. You don't have to be able to sing 10 octaves or whatever. Don't be embarrassed to sing in front of a guy, just let yourself go a bit and have some fun.

19 A girl has the right to show off her body, but keep your pride and dignity. Be careful! If you show off too much, guys (and just people in general) may get the wrong message and make assumptions.

20 Just like girls want girl time, guys want guy time. Giving your guy space to hang with his friends is not only fair, but it shows you trust him in a way.

21 Respect the guy for who he is, not because he earns your respect. Guys relate to each other on a respect level, and if you want him to open up to you, he has to know that you don't look down on him.

22 Let your guy take pictures of you. He may not admit it, but that picture will probably be with him always. Even if you think it looks horrible.

23 Don't always expect the guy to be the one to call. It is okay to call your boyfriend on occasion, and it shows him that you care about him and are thinking about him. And don't get upset if for some reason he doesn't have time to talk. He does have a life

24 Remind him that you appreciate all the sweet little things he does for you. Let him know it's not all in vain.

25 If a guy uses a key to let you into his car, reach over and open the door before he gets to it. I know this may be common sense to most girls, but you know, some do not do this. It's a tiny little action that can make a guy go "hey, she's considerate."

26 Let the guy open the door for you or do any other chivalric action. He's fulfilling your wish for a gentleman, don't deny him the chance to do something nice for you. Thank him! You are doing all these wonderful things for him, let him return the favor.

27 Communicate with him. Tell him directly what's on your mind. You can always hope that he'll get your subtle hints or body language, but if it's important, you're better off using words.

28 Sometimes you have to take the initiative. Don't always wait for him to come to you, because if that's how it always is, you're going to lose him.

29 If they buy you jewelry, wear it around them, even if you don't like it. They will appreciate it, because it's the thought that counts.

30 A word of appreciation now and then regarding his protective/kind/chivalrousattitude will go miles toward the end. You won't regret it.

31 When you are talking to a guy you are interested in, lean in, touch his arm or hand, while your talking. physical touch communicates interest and value.

32 Whether it's from across the room or while your talking let him know that you are only interested in what he has to said. so look into his eyes and smile.

33 Never judge him based on his friends. They may give some insight, but sometimes guys as well as girls can befriend people that are completely opposite of themselves because they like the change. Don't let who he hangs around with be the deciding factor of your judgments about him. Get to know him.

34 Cute is what he is when he does something goofy, not how you should compliment his looks.Tell him he looks handsome... or any other word you'd use to describe James Bond.

35 Let him know you're on his side and that you support him and believe in him.

36 Call him instead of IMing or e-mail. Let him talk to you and hear your voice. Note: sometimes, it can't be helped. long distance relationships are sometimes forced to use AIM. In this case, use a camera!! You can see him and hear him.

37 Write him letters! If you want to tell him something but just can't come up with the words in person, take the time to write them down. He'll appreciate it because he can read word for word how you feel for him over and over again, and you know he won't forget it.

38 girls should do little things for guys. If they ask for a drink, just get it for them cuz they don't ask often. Or surprise them with little gifts (even if homemade) it ll show them that you care about them and thought about them during the day, even if they don't admit it, they like it as much as we do"

39 DON'T CHEAT ON HIM! IT'S NEVER WORTH IT! He WILL find out one way or another and odds are you guys are through. Whether you were already split up or still dating... you'll be lucky if he still wants to be your friend!

40 Forgive him. Not hundreds of times for the same mistakes, but relationships are going to have problems and there will be apologies on both sides... Forgiveness is a huge part of a relationship. You may not always want to do it, and he will definitely not always deserve it, but then again, we don't necessarily always deserve forgiveness either...

If you know that you and the one you are with should end the relationship, have the integrity and respect to tell them that the relationship is over. Do not just leave and never speak to them again.

***Please remember people!!! What do the Pirates say?
"These are more like guidelines, than actual rules... I know there are exceptions to everything and everyone is different. I know these are not essential to a wonderful relationship.

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Saturday, September 15, 2007

There Are Some Things Guys Should Always Do For Girls. Period.

There Are Some Things Guys Should Always Do For Girls. Period.

0. There are always exceptions to this list. The foundational exception is when you actually talk to the her and she says something different than what is included within this list. These suggestions don't provide you with the holy grail of dating or offer you the Ten Commandments for the Ladies Man, they're simply a push in the right direction for being a gentleman.

1. Open doors when possible - whether it be to a building or the passenger car door. The classic example that's stood the test of time.
Frankly speaking, it's so rare these days. It is like trying to find delicious chili in Ukraine *haha*. But don't get me wrong, the men in Ukraine still do this and I am glad I was there to experience it.'s an added point :)

2. When in a place of worship (or other places that have aisles and pews), if a man is at the end of the pew, when exiting he should stand in the aisle and let all the females go before him. (This seems odd to some people, yet normal for others. If you don't get it, don't worry about it, okay?)
Ladies first....don't you think so? It's just a basic courtesy...
Imagine when you're walking out of the door and suddenly a guy passed and just walked in front of you out of the door...heyloooo

3. A man should tolerate the occasional chick flick, musical, opera, or ballet - whatever her preference is - *without* complaining about it! (Because the guy may just like it.)
We don't ask you to LOVE or LIKE it... just accompany us and try to enjoy it! *haha....torture?

4. Play one of the songs that would make any woman weep like the little girl she once was (but in a good way). A brief list includes, but certainly isn't limited, to:
"You & Me" by Lifehouse
Anything by Frank Sinatra
Any rendition of "Everything I Do, I Do it for You"
"Collide" by Howie Day
"Out Of My League" by Steven Speaks
And MOST IMPORTANTLY "Question" by the Old 97's (if you propose to a girl with this song, she is putty in your hands).
("Putty in your hands" is not meant to promote "using women" in any way. This group does not encourage guys to be polite in order to get her into bed.)
Yeah.... I like Lifehouse, Frank Sinatra, Brian Adams and Howie Day hoho

5. Talk! The strong & silent bit goes from intriguing to boring quite fast.
Talk when needed.... not over... not too little... we are not simply a chatterbox, we are quite a good listener too

6. Find out what her favorite flower is and buy them for her randomly (regardless of the situation you might be in). A simple yet profound truth: a single rose says more than dozens of anything else. (I encourage the women to not allow a guy to "prove himself worthy" through gifts and flowers and such. Trust is a precious thing and it should take a good chunk of time before he gains it back in your heart.)
IMHO, regardless of whether she is a sweet-feminine-type or sporty-yet-adorable kinda girl... we LOVE flowers :)

7. If you miss her, or love her, TELL HER! Even your friends like to hear it every now & again.
YES YES YES..... but don't use it for granted, coz we know!

8. Re-enact Zales commercials (the ice is nice but certainly not mandatory).
No idea what it is...

9. Remember: the best gifts you can give are usually free of cost.
AGREE!!! Hint: S*all l*l th*ng is all that matters

10. Leave a note (or send a message) just to say "hi".
*sheepish* at a considerable amount k

11. Ask her questions about herself.
If we want to share, we will :) If we don't, that's too bad

12. Dress nice every once & a while. Any girl likes to see her brother/friend/boyfriend/etc. in a well-ironed button-up with some nice slacks.
What else can I say....of course I won't resist haha

13. PRIDE & PREJUDICE ...that's all I have to say about that (I mean, that should speak for itself). (It's even more impressive if he has read the book.) don't have to. I'm ok with that :)

14. Tolerate small children as best you can. Meaning, put up with the things that can get annoying. They're children, after all. Show them love and care, teach them how to become a better man than you. (You were once extremely irritating. Get over the obnoxious kids and enjoy getting down to their level - not "for her", but for the good of yourself and others.)
We enjoy the 'fatherly' side of men, we hope you could share the burden and this includes children

15. Learn to dance! There is nothing sexier than a man who can dance really well. If God did not bless you with the grace of Fred Astaire, at least put forth the effort, it will be greatly appreciated. Always slow dance (even if it's just like you danced in middle school). Also, men, sing to a lady. Even if you're terrible, suck it up! They love to listen to it and will not care what you sound like. It's the thought that counts on this one. Unless you're just downright terrible, nothing sexy about that.
I couldn't agree less! d*rn...

16. Kiss her on the forehead.

17. When she's sick, stay up with her. If you can cook (which is *always* a plus), make her some soup. If you can't cook, there's Campbell's soup at hand for you.
Or just bring us your mom's cook. It's the intention that counts.
guy: Hi, I bring you pizza... your fave Hawaiian chicken
girl: Ahh...that's so sweet of you. But the doctor said I'm not supposed to eat 'junk food'
guy: Too bad then. I'll help you to finish it lorrr...
girl: -____-''

18. Pretend to throw her in the pool (or fountain/pond). If you really do throw her in, you'd better jump in yourself. **NOTE** There are some women who just hate this apparently, so you had better do two things: 1) Never allow your buddies be a part of it if you're unsure of how she feels about getting thrown in and 2) You had better know how she feels about it!
Ho ho ho... tricky

19. Hold her hand while you talk, drive, or just for the heck of it (it's the small things that win you big points).
yup yup...small things that count!


21. Stupid jokes = awkwardly adorable moments.
Y'know what.... I'll smile everytime I think about those moments *haha

22. Tickle her, tease her, let her tease you back without getting all bent out of shape about it.

23. Don't call her hot, or pretty, or cute; call her beautiful, because that's what she is. (I don't think cute is that bad, but definitely stay away from "hot" [it's so overused and superficial] and step "pretty" up to beautiful or gorgeous or stunning or captivating or...)
What's wrong with 'cute'? Owh..but do u know that it means slightly different things in Asia and Western countries?

24. Offer her your jacket/sweatshirt. (Note: you may not see that particular item of clothing for a while, if ever again).
And if she said NO... it doesn't mean she doesn't like you. It might be... but it might not to... it could be that she's shy to do that :)

25. Don't be too proud to apologize.
Things that I can't understand up till now.... *sigh

26. It's not stalking to watch her sleep if you fall asleep watching a movie. It is stalking to watch her sleep if you're standing outside her window with night vision goggles.

27. When she feels at her worst, tell her she looks her best.
Although we may not believe you 100%, thanks for the effort to make us feel much better :)

28. If you're trying to get more than friendship out of the relationship, take it slow and never rush her.
hmm.... friendship vs relationship?

29. Just because you're a guy doesn't mean you are completely incapable of calling when you say you will, it just means you are highly incapable of it. There are few acceptable answers to, "Why didn't you call?", & being male is not one of them.
So, why didn't you call?

30. Don't check out other girls in front of your female friends/sisters/mother, unless you are sincere when you later ask them if you think she could introduce the two of you for more reasons than you "want to get some". Pull this in front of your girlfriend/fiancee/wife, she has every right to clock you in the jaw.
Don't you think it's rude... and to be honest, we don't like b*st*rd for sure

31. Guys - always offer to pay for the date. No matter how expensive it gets, especially if YOU asked HER on the date. [if she is willing to pay now and again, don't let your "man pride" get in the way of her wanting to give back to you. she should understand money can be tight - especially when you're always buying]

32. Always do everything in your power to keep her as happy as you can. And cheer her up in any way possible. [if she isn't always happy - and i've never met a girl who is - don't be afraid of her and don't be stupid and always, unquestioningly, blame it on PMS. be there WITH her when times are tough and she wants you there.]
learn from this *haha

33. When walking on the sidewalk, always walk on the outside near traffic. (So everyone has a different opinion for how this started. For some, it's because of the human waste that was getting thrown out the windows when this was happening a century ago. The woman walked under the overhangings extending from the buildings with the guy in the open to take the mess if need be. Others say it's from the guy's scabbard/sword being on his left with the woman walking on the right. As for today, it's the traffic and puddles and what-not. Whatever it is. It's just a courtesy thing, if it seems necessary.)
We do feel safer if we're on the left side :)

34. At least do everything in your power to keep cursing to a minimum while around her. If you can, cut it out period while around her, or cut it out of your vocabulary. Women don't want to hear it, guys don't care about it, adults don't want to hear it, it doesn't impress employers, and you sure won't want your children or someone else's to hear it!
How you speak shows how you behave too! and we don't wanna end up be the trashbag -hearing all your curses

35. Sometimes you have to take the initiative. Don't always wait for her to come to you, because if that's how it always is, you're going to lose her.
How can you be so sure she's going to come to you?

36. If any lady is walking alone to her car in a dark parking lot/garage, or is carrying a heavy load, always offer to help walk her to her destination and carry things, if not the entire load. **This may work a lot better and come off non-stalkerish if you at least know the girl you're trying to help. Haha thanks to a LOT of people on this revision.**

37. If a woman says no, let that be her final answer with maybe one question of confirmation after her first answer. Do not pressure or force her in any way after that. Don't make her give in to something she doesn't want to do.

38. Always be honest with her. No woman wants or likes a dishonest man. If you can't be honest with her, she can't trust you, and shows you don't trust her enough to be honest. Trust, honesty and integrity are just as an integral part of a relationship and just as important as love.

39. A man should always genuinely listen to women; no matter how bored or busy the man is. Actively listening to the woman will keep him from pain (and bring the man and woman closer together). This works best, of course, when both the man and the woman actively and equally engage in conversation (this includes listening). For the ladies reading this, please talk - always talk - especially if you are having problems with the relationship and to also avoid making bigger problems.
Okie...point taken :)


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Friday, September 14, 2007

I love my batchmates

And so they say our batch is really 'quiet and discipline' compare to others...

Some trainers felt 'stressed' and tensed in our class because of that. They did not know what to say or were afraid of saying the wrong thing. They couldn't really figure out whether we really understand the subject or just too shy to ask.

But NOOO... we're seriously a bunch of sweet and fun-loving people. It's just that we ARE NOT loud and crazy to other batches *maybe*

So, to showcase our batch, we purposely pasted our pic on our door, a very nice pic I shall say. And I intend to ask all to paste more pics on our walls and doors...basically everywhere on the wall. We can be 'quiet', but we are 'loud' in action *wakaka*

Ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy below pictures specially presented to you by batch 928.

Top: Darryl, Melvin, Jason, Brian and Chia
Mid: Surya, Priscilla, Heny, Lily, Ddee, Cherrie and Theresa
Bottom: Dan, Yanna, Charlotte, Kong Jing, Ming Juan 'Jenney' and Cherry

We're just a photo freak!!!

So, anyone who needs my help? I can be your messenger foc *as of now* hehe

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

wat a crap!

Let's see these pictures...

Wonder what's so special about them??

Observe carefully...

Taken at Holland V, Sasa 'Making Life Beautiful'.

So, how to be beautiful?
But, definitely NOT this one below:


Not with a 'common gecko' underneath ur nose trying to figure out what is inside.


Hm... training has been a lil boring these few days. Maybe coz it's near the end of the week and our energy level needs to be re-charged. Maybe coz the content itself is not interesting and thus we don't really enjoy the trainers' class. Maybe coz we've known some of the things that we lose interest in them. Maybe coz we don't feel well, too. Maybe...

For sure... I feel a slight 'burn' on my face-skin. It's reddish, itchy and uncomfortable *hate this for sure*. My cheeks were so red today and I had to force myself not to scratch *uhukkkk...

What is happening to me??


Oww... we're going for a class outing this Sunday to Sentosa. Hope I feel well enough to join them. Tired? Sure... but it's a whole class gathering, how can I miss it??

Another thing is I am gonna be the MC for the other batches' graduation ceremony next Tuesday *hey Jo, I am gonna be your MC haha*. I don't know whether the class 'sabo' me or coz they think I can do it *anyway...just be positive haha so must be coz I am pretty good* When Yanna, Heny and I returned from the German Embassy (we're late then), I was informed that the class picked me as the MC. Hm... I am gonna be hosting in front of the big boss, guests, my batch mates, etc.

Whatever it is... I AM GONNA DO MY BEST!! Bring pride to the class and good feeling of myself haha *it's in the blood...I toldja before.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Indonesian Arts Festival 2007

Just a simple one-word to describe IAF 07


From the opening dance, traditional folk songs that were modified into a more modern style, unbelivable beautiful Kecak dance, long-awaited Saman dance that allows me to put my hat off again *salute salute*, the band and the models, superbly hilarious skits, .... ....

TOMPI and Eka Mariana managed to entertain me whole night long. They're such a great entertainer and performer who know how to interact with the audience *applause*. Love it to the max!

To top it off... the sweet 'public proposal' of Tompi's guitarist to the pretty background singer *even from far away I can see she is gorgeous* by singing...Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You.... *duh.... mupeng mode deh* that made the girls went ga ga.

Simply put, I am PROUD to be an Indonesian.

Even Zack, a Vietnamnese friend, was WOW-ed by the show.

Too bad, I was so engrossed by the performances, I forgot to take pics

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Monday, September 10, 2007

welcome new pals

More pics....

Batch 928's stewards:
- Brian from Malaysia: a self-professed clown. He used to be a trainer, so we can get advice for free
- Jason from Spore: *hehe* the oldest in our batch and the one who drives to work.
- Melvin from Msia: Used to be an engineer before the major change. A super nice and helpful guy. We all unanimously agree he is our CHAIRMAN and MONITOR always. Ah...HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Melvin tomorrow!
- Darryl from Spore: The Karaoke King. The flirt among the guys, but he's also the one who adds the fun with all his foolish acts and chatters *I always laugh when I join the Jason-Melvin-Darryl group haha
- Chia from Msia *not in e pic*: The youngest in our class and was an ex-crew too.

We DO like taking pictures for sure.... even our dearest mommy can only shake her head towards our hobby haha
*Me before my hair-cut hahaha

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Saturday, September 08, 2007

I hate make-up

Week One is over, time flies I gotta say. Five more weeks before we have our 2-day exams and then proceed to the next training programme.

So, how does it feel? How do I feel?
Mmphh... I am surviving. Bring it on.
I like my friends in that room 7.
I like my mommy trainer for sure, she knows how to encourage, bond and motivate us. Yet, she still listens to us and tries to 'protect' the fresh us.
I like having those breaks in between and then we'd sit in the canteen and start all those craps and plans.
I like listening to the experience sharing and some case studies.
I like the games and more role-playing to come up for sure.
I like feeling that I'll be able to pull it out.
I kinda like the Malay food and soya-bean drinks in the canteen *and it's affordable haha

Of course, there are prices to pay, and some times I wonder why am I going through all these things that I don't really enjoy doing:
Waking up so early in the morning just to ensure I have enough time to put that required make-up *my biggest enemy for now
Donning that formal wear *bye bye to my jeans
Taking quite a long bus trip *which I kinda enjoy* that can be tiring coz I can't afford to be late and get sacked
Anticipating the assessment anytime anywhere *You're being assessed ALL the time
Ensuring I bring all the relevant modules and documents needed
Being discipline and aware all the time
Studying for exams? *aihh.... I thought I am done with that

Tough??? You bet.

A friend mentioned she'd love to return to her home country on her 2nd day.
Another feels bad for her language ability.
A 'slap on his face' for a guy because of his hairstyle.
Another haircut for me *two haircuts in less than a week now -___-''

I have to admit I am never good at dolling up myself. I won't put make-up skills ever on any questionnaire that is handed to me. NEVER! And this showed two days ago during our grooming class. I was left in despair, fell hard to the ground that it hit me in the bull's eye. Can I do this?
Blue eyes and red it shouldn't be that hard, should it? We spent 1 hour just to put the right one... and guess what. It was not even right for me. I hate it! I hate feeling conquered and miserable. I hate the feeling that I look like an ugly duckling among the rest.
Enough eye liner, lip liner and eye-brow pencil *wth... I don't even know how to use these.

Say what? On my way home, feeling down and depressed, the taxi driver told me about the power of will. We CAN do it if we want to. 'You are strong, yet humble. I can see you will do good,' was his piece of advice. It sounded right...

Anyway, practice makes perfect. So, if I were to continue, I'd have at least another 2.5 years to learn how to put the right make-up and style the right hairstyle, wouldn't I?



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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Day 3

I am still enjoying it, but the long traveling hours really tires me out.

The batchmates are really FUN peeps to hang out with *haha...super lame jokes are always being thrown by the clowns.

The trainers are really diverse (funky to demure, Chinese to mixed races, ...) but they are ALL really friendly for sure.

These 3 days, we learn alot on the tradition, history, organization, rules and codes of conduct as well as experience sharings. Not to forget some stories and jokes here and there.
So... we've been warned and therefore, I shall apologize that I can't reveal much on this 3.5-month training.

Nevertheless, should there be any interesting incidents.... I'll let you know :)

But I am proud that our batch is prolly one of the most diverse batches *yeah yeah...

Hope you all are doing great.

and I still dislike wearing formal wear, period!


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Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Welcome to 6am...

See you again my dear room in 13 hours...

Nice to meet you my fresh-and-new-almost-15cm-training-material...

I'll see you often dear buses no 28 and 24...

I am glad to meet my funkee-crazy-loud 'mommy trainer'...

Can hardly resist these gorgeous people from my batch: 4 beautiful Chinese girls, 3 cute Malaysian girls, 3 friendly Malaysian guys, 3 nice Singaporean girls, 2 funny Singaporean guys and 3 COOL Indonesian girls *hahaha.... narcism is in the blood* ...


Welcome onboard in 2 month's time ^.*

I want my hair to grow longer ASAP!!!
S**t, I look so chubby... Diet mode ON!

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