Tuesday, January 30, 2007

bitchy me

I've been a total biyatch lately... I have to admit

Overtly sensitive over the smallest issue... grumpy me

Moody termometer is playing its game...

and now I sense....

that I belong to nowhere

I'm Slipin' and Slidin'....just like Jamiroquai's

"You know I'm Slidin'
You know I'm Slipin' N' Slidin'
I'm sliding down the wall
Trying to get a grip on what I can
As the world beneath me crumbles

See, I thought I had it all.
Now I find I'm 10 feet small.
And I never cease to stumble.

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Monday, January 29, 2007

not to be missed


Faster faster go to IMM, Lance Court.

15 selected chairs are being displayed there *heee....

So happee...

and yosh...eBay is IN for our online auction portal :)

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the short press release and invite

100 Chairs, 100 Youth Artists, 100 Channels of Blessings, 100% Visual Experience

100 Chairs transformed into works of art by 100 youths will be up for auction starting 3 February 2007, 2pm at *scape Youth Park.

Fully run and led by youth with the support of Young Changemakers and *scape, the 100 Chairs project kicked off on 21 January 2007, with one hundred youth artists gathering to create one hundred collectible pieces of art from one hundred wooden chairs.

Twenty of these art pieces have been selected to give the public the opportunity to bid for them on Saturday. The rest of the pieces will be displayed at the *scape Youth Park while the bidding continues online. As part of the celebration, a day of exciting performances by youth groups and bands has been planned, such as Peepshow, Super Illegal, , Blackstar, The Lentor Incident, NUS Temasek Hall dancers, Studio Wu and PSB Academy dancers.

There are also prizes to be won via our *scape Star Search contest. You are invited to send in MMS of ANY star shape or asterisk that you can find to 9790 6696 on 3 February 2007 [ONLY till 4.30pm].

100 Chairs Live Auction
Date: 3 February 2007
Venue: *scape Youth Park, behind Cineleisure
Time: 2pm – 7pm
Fee: FOC

Come and join us for a fun chair-ity day!

For more details, please go to http://www.100chairs.youth.sg/

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Sunday, January 28, 2007

After a week at NYC


My body aches now even when I sit, especially my back.

I am exhausted and really dislike waking up early in the morning just to get there in time [1.5hr to reach].

I smell the paint, varnish & pylox fumes till I can't sense 'em anymore.

I am used to having my hands and clothes stained by the end of the day.

Potato chips, chocolate bars and biscuits are our dearest friend for this week.

But I am glad that for the past one week...

I made lotsa new friends...from volunteers to artists to corporate reps

I learned alot on handling small unprecedented matters...

I equipped myself with some painting techniques and stimulate my creativity too *haha

I gained experience in handling budget...

I challenged my working style with these people...

I got to know myself better *I can be freakin crappy huh

I had so much FUN and days full of laughters


Just make the most out of every single second that you have. ENJOY your life!

Wish you all the best and do take a very good care of yourself k!

More and more chairs.... Yosh

More designs.... lovely!

OK..we are tired k...

coz we need to clean the stained floor, take pics, varnish the chairs and so on... wakaka

We are high in adrenaline... so this was what we did to entertain ourselves :)

L-R: Our infamous graffiti artist in Singapore - Rozaimi, a cute-looking guy, 'SUPPORT' and Mr. Cranky!

A seductive lady and two musicians

Preview of my Street Gang

Dee in action:
Oops... is it clean?

ps: From all chairs that I've displayed here, which one do you think is my fave?

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Friday, January 26, 2007







It's OVER!

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Bid babe!

You guys must be sick of hearing me promoting my 100 Chairs event, but no choice dearies... I will still be writing about it till it ends, and that means at least another 2 weeks from now.

So, what is this event about?

100 Chairs,
100 Youth Artists,
100 Channels of Blessings,
100% Visual Experience

100 Chairs is a fully youth run event organized by *scape, aimed at fostering youth creativity and promoting the arts as a platform for youths to contribute to the community.

Artists will be invited to unleash their creativity and paint 100 wooden chairs, which will be auctioned off and proceeds from the auction will go to a charitable organisation.

The 100 chairs will be displayed at *scape Youth Park from the launch cum live auction day on 3rd February 2007 till 11th February 2007.

On the event day, there will be on-site LIVE Auctions accompanied by fringe performances [bands, dance performance, fashion and prizes] at *scape Youth Park. Some of the bands performers are Peepshow,The Lentor Incident, Superillegals and Blackstar as well as dance performances from NUS Temasek Hall, Studio Wu and PSB Academy. 20 randomly selected chairs will be up for your bids, so make sure you fight for your fave ones!

In addition to that, the remaining chairs will be auctioned online from 4 - 11 February 2007. Please log on to www.100chairs.youth.sg for more information on the online auction.
The bid starts from $15 per chair... great investment for cutie chairs *yeah
The artists have different styles of painting heh!
So touched by their effort...
*hiks hiks srott..

More poses, especially on Cherie who was looking for inspiration haha

The Charles & Keith chairs... corporate adopters
plus Puff Daddy and Dee at the costume shops searching for Street Gang props
Yah.. end of report.
Exhausted Dee

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

pick your fave chair[s]

I know...

Valentine's Day is coming soon...

Your friend's birthday is around the clock or any time within this year...

CNY is 3 weeks from now...

Your crave for arts is unsatisfiable...


we all want something different in our lives.

So, why don't you start picking on your fave chair[s] and get ready to bid for it? *big smile*

The paints that need to be cleared and cleaned every night

Stay cool in action baybeh!

Impressive chairs...I like I like... I want!!
Found you fave ones?

Volunteers taking charge, the girl with cutie pose and me painting...suit suit..

Counting down to the day where I'll fly my way home... 24 days

Hong bao na lai....

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Monday, January 22, 2007

Painitng Season starts now!

Rain is finally in town.

And today was the day for his grand concert.

But, today did not RAIN-ing at all.

And the papers call him 'boring'... haha *Im not making any sense here, I know!

Well, I am not so crazy that I would spend $188 to buy the cheapest ticket and look at those dancing dots on stage.

Instead, I spent my whole day at National Youth Centre b'coz today was the starting of our Painting Season *yeay yeay yeay*. From taking cab to get to NYC *aiya...too tired to wake up on time* and finally after spending 12 hours there, I got to take the train back to hostel.

It was FUN FUN FUN!! and so cool to be surrounded by creativity.

Let the pictures do the talking then.

Let me introduce my crew!
Muzzy ~ my Funky Preppy Nerd actor, Allie ~ the boss, Cherie ~ the talented artist and Muzzy and Kumaran 'Puff Daddy'
Really love the volunteers spirit! You go people!

L-R [Top]: Ee Shaun and his reserved 'cat chair' ~ cutie, Jonathan and his birdie and Bates Creative Director's art piece
L-R [Center]Bjorn and his gf under the sun, Samuel with his crayons and the bright red chair
L-R [bottom]: Cara 'the aluminium foil girl', Bjorn and the pinkie puzzle and the Hawai-stylo chair

Top: Our decoration pieces *must come ar*, the lonely pinkie chair and the intricate design *cool
Center: This is so Cherie's style lor, and the impressive piece with huge effort as well as the 'Evolution'?
Bottom: Merry Birdie was almost done, the chair that took our breath away *at least 4 of us wanna bid for it ^^' and another cool black stylish chair

So, don't forget to come down, enjoy the show, bid for your favourite chair, win some prizes and bring home the art piece while contributing to the society, especially the youth!

See you all on February 3rd, 2pm onwards at *scape Youth Park [next to Sommerset MRT].

For more information, please go to www.100chairs.youth.sg.

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Friday, January 19, 2007

Between FYP and AIESEC..lies Hong Kong

Did I mention a break recently?

And yah...oops maybe it was too loud when I said it or maybe I did scream my lungs out.

Coz hell yah...

Yesterday I was bombarded by SMS from my mom *the same SMS again and again and again, so I think there's something wrong with the system*.

trut trut.. "... After sis' graduation on 8th, wanna go to Hong Kong for 4 days?"
trut trut.. "... After sis' graduation on 8th, wanna go to Hong Kong for 4 days?"
trut trut.. "... After sis' graduation on 8th, wanna go to Hong Kong for 4 days?"
trut trut.. "... After sis' graduation on 8th, wanna go to Hong Kong for 4 days?"

Awhhh.....so tempting and irresistible!

I wanna go for sure... I want.. I want..
*sigh..but maybe I can't!! bonk bonk* FYP and AIESEC Student Review Board ^^

Back to reality baybeh!

Owh yeah, let's update on upcoming events and activities:
20th Jan, Saturday: MC 07/08 Election.
It's tomorrow!! LC NTU will elect - or not- her new President for next term and gosh.... have yet to start writing my speeches for Alvin n Mayas.... *you guys better treat me after that k!
All the best people.... fight fight fight!

21st Jan, Sunday: Starting of 100 Chairs Painting Season *I like callin' it season
Going down to NYC again and look at those artists showcasing their talents with my own big eyes yosh... I'll be ready to learn n serve you guys. Owh..and possibly a rehearsal and grooming class for my 'Street Gang'. Hm..should I attend my hip hop class or skip it? hiks hiks..

22nd Jan, Monday: 100 Chairs Painting Season
Going down to P*YM to collect 300 towels *haha yah man..300 towels. One a day, and I have more than enough for a year stock haha then will go to Concourse and shop shop shop for the Street Gang

Ah..no time already..must off for my Japanese class. My Akai sensei is so kawaii haha...


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2 weeks from now

Dunno what to write...

But I am happy...

and exhausted [over certain things] at the same time...

All the best peeps!

100 Chairs in 2 weeks time *yeay yeay...and I love working with my teammates n the workgroup people...I had so much fun

Do come down people!!

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

100 chairs... 100 miracles...

Life's been freakin' busy with FYP, AIESEC, meetings, ...

I don't feel like going to classes...

and it's hard to focus on so many things, not to mention planning on my future.

Although I am motivated about all these...but at times, it's getting tiring...

and I need a break, a decent break.


Miracles that knocked my doors for my 100 Chairs *thanks*:
1. N*stle gonna send its MILO van over
2. 7*th Street sponsors 100 membership cards and promo outlets
3. 2 Hairstylists coming down for our event to do styling of course
4. 10K from sc*pe to run the event [finally man..finally.. after a long wait and thoughts of killin myself]
5. Performers and artists coming in...and we have more than enough now.. just send us bidders starting from now k
6. 42 cartons of N*Water [504 bottles]
7. 12 Chair Adopters value at $4100,- [yeay yeay]
8. Funky and full of enthusiasm sc*pe workgroup and volunteers *I feel young again..haha I am Young!
9. Hate rejections, but I'm kinda used to it now -__-' [It's seriously demoralizing when you keep getting rejections from the companies and although your peers understand, you feel bad for not being able to give em cash..cash babe! but well, it's over now.. I need chair adopters instead.]
10. 2 weeks from now... just 2 more weeks. Cya there!

Meanwhile, I am nut sure if I have been delivering what I am supposed to deliver for my AIESEC stuffs. So many things to do and it's not getting any lesser. The to-do-list keeps growing without giving me additional time to do it. So sorry my dear AIESEC friends, hopefully after this, I'd be able to contribute more k.

Anyway, a month from now I'll be back at my home sweet home. Wish it's longer than merely a week stay. Away from Internet is a great thing for Goodness sake, realizing how dependent we are over this online media.

After the Chinese New Year holiday, my sis is coming to Singapore with me and will need to find a place to stay. So, anyone with 'lobang'..please do let me know k.

Heaven yeah....Itsumi is coming...and I started my Japanese level 1 today.

Just need to know, when and how do you know if it's the right one?

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Saturday, January 13, 2007

100 Chairs

Here is my dearest Final Year Project q^.*p

100 Chair [for more detail, please go to www.100chairs.youth.sg]

Everybody's welcome!! So, cya at *scape Youth Park on Feb 3, 2pm onwards.

How you can help us....Do your part!
1. Be part of the artists to paint the chair[s]
2. Be part of the volunteers to assist us in organizing 100 Chairs
3. Be part of the Chair Adopters and reserve the chair[s]
4. Be part of the bidder and hopefully the row of successful bidders and bring home your chair[s]
5. Be part of the audience and invite your friend to come along
6. Spread the words around

If you're interested, you know where to find me yah ^.*

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Friday, January 12, 2007

long wait and pain

If I told you that I choose to let it go, would you come and tell me not to?
If I told you that it's just too hard to bear, would you come and stand by me?
If I told you that the wound hurts more than ever, would you come and heal my pain?
If I told you that the feeling is no longer there, would you believe me?
If I told you that it's finally over... then let it be!


Gosh, been a freakin' busy week...doing my Final Year Project which finally sees light at the end of the dark tunnel *what a long wait for you to come...

And Blogger.com isn't doing a favour too...I can't upload pics when they say it tells you 1 million stories...

Grumpy me isn't helping either...and I feel bad for not being a more positive person and released my 'anger' to those who care about me...

I am sorry!!

My wish for all: Let's just ROCK the new year!!

Gambarimasyou mina-san...

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Saturday, January 06, 2007

gong xi gong xi..

I'll be home for Chinese New Year q^o^p


Finally a complete family members after so long.... yeah yeah yeah

Mommy, daddy... wo hui lai le!!

Anyone going home too?

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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

my 1st trip in 2007

My first oversea trip in 2007...

Yay...to Johor and more specifically to Pekan Nanas, Johor, Malaysia.

Sharon and I decided to stay over at Phoebe's place after spending 5 hours in City Square mall and around 3 hours of travelling from Singapore to Johor *gosh..scary!

12.00: Leave hostel and wait for the bus to Boon Lay
13.15: Arrive at Singapore checkpoint *haha..smooth sailing and short queue line
13.30: Arrive at Johor checkpoint *What? the queue was so long that the people were standing under the sun alrd.
14.05: Hungry hungry and we're still in the midst of nowhere *aihh..
14.30: Argh..almost explode liao... *bonk bonk
15.05: Finally..finally... we passed the counter *they should have made more gates n barriers or else the queue lines are not clear and people just cut the queue..huh!

Afterwhich, we met Pheebs at Popular and went for lunch or breakfast or tea time. I chose mushroom chicken hotplate noodles which cost me merely RM5.25 *hahaha laugh in happiness. I feel like I want to eat as much as possible... ice-cream, brownies, cakes, sushi, etc.

It was planned to be a shopping spree trip, so I really did buy some things:
Spending our night at Pheeb's home was great. I felt at home again. Looking at their sibling's relationship was really fun. Their parents were very nice too. I really should go home for Chinese New Year.. hm.. missing homeeee....

But the trip back to Singapore was another long hours. We waited for one hour for the express bus to Larkin from Pekan Nenas and the trip took us around 45-50 minutes. To make it worst, the aircon was not really functioning and the sleepy me had to stand for 3/4 of the trip *hehe...cool experience tho.

Once we arrived at Larkin, the queue for bus 170 to Singapore was super long, it was more than 10 metres. But we managed to get into the crampy bus and so again, we had to stand. The little girl beside me who sat on the deck inside the bus just couldn't stop chirping *oh la la... not that I don't like kids, but this one was too much to bear haha. To make it short, we entertained ourselves with our Muruku fish snacks and rehearsing @ dances, from Sex bombs to Together Again *lol.

So, in total we spent 9 hours on travelling, 5 hours at the mall and 1 night at Phoebe's home.

Hell yeah, I am contented with what I had inside the plastic bags on my hands despite the 9-hour travelling time. Am I easily contented as Sharon said? hee....dun care.

Hope you guys all had a wonderful year ahead k!

ps: Rumie is back hohoho
pps: Life goes on!
ppps: Yeah, I received a card email from my Japanese friend....happy ^^

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Monday, January 01, 2007


Usher the New Year 2007...

So, let's welcome the lucky number fiVe *what a random thing to do..

5 New Year Resolution:

5 things that make me happy

5 things that frustrate me [and possibly piss me off]

5 things that make me cry

So, make the most out of your life k!

Happy New Year once again.. Akimashite Omedetto Gozaimasu ^^

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