Wednesday, January 17, 2007

100 chairs... 100 miracles...

Life's been freakin' busy with FYP, AIESEC, meetings, ...

I don't feel like going to classes...

and it's hard to focus on so many things, not to mention planning on my future.

Although I am motivated about all these...but at times, it's getting tiring...

and I need a break, a decent break.

Miracles that knocked my doors for my 100 Chairs *thanks*:
1. N*stle gonna send its MILO van over
2. 7*th Street sponsors 100 membership cards and promo outlets
3. 2 Hairstylists coming down for our event to do styling of course
4. 10K from sc*pe to run the event [finally man..finally.. after a long wait and thoughts of killin myself]
5. Performers and artists coming in...and we have more than enough now.. just send us bidders starting from now k
6. 42 cartons of N*Water [504 bottles]
7. 12 Chair Adopters value at $4100,- [yeay yeay]
8. Funky and full of enthusiasm sc*pe workgroup and volunteers *I feel young again..haha I am Young!
9. Hate rejections, but I'm kinda used to it now -__-' [It's seriously demoralizing when you keep getting rejections from the companies and although your peers understand, you feel bad for not being able to give em babe! but well, it's over now.. I need chair adopters instead.]
10. 2 weeks from now... just 2 more weeks. Cya there!

Meanwhile, I am nut sure if I have been delivering what I am supposed to deliver for my AIESEC stuffs. So many things to do and it's not getting any lesser. The to-do-list keeps growing without giving me additional time to do it. So sorry my dear AIESEC friends, hopefully after this, I'd be able to contribute more k.

Anyway, a month from now I'll be back at my home sweet home. Wish it's longer than merely a week stay. Away from Internet is a great thing for Goodness sake, realizing how dependent we are over this online media.

After the Chinese New Year holiday, my sis is coming to Singapore with me and will need to find a place to stay. So, anyone with 'lobang'..please do let me know k.

Heaven yeah....Itsumi is coming...and I started my Japanese level 1 today.

Just need to know, when and how do you know if it's the right one?

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