Friday, February 01, 2008

stoopid flood


Jakarta is in a HUGE mess, flood is everywhere. The airport was closed down for some time, the highways were buried under water... and my home-sweet home is now having that unwelcomed guest.

So sickening.... it has never entered my house before, literally. The most was just at the front yard where I found a dead fish before. Now, the water level is up to thigh and the electricity was cut. My parents and bro are still there....shietttt..... *huhuhuhu

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Wondering how tomorrow will be... coz it's already at waist level on the streets. Please...

For all the flood victims, be strong and take a good care of yourself ok!

For the government, isn't it another IMPORTANT sign to even start planning on a better city planning and management?

For everyone else, start taking good care of the mother earth *if you haven't done so* and keep up the great job *if you've started to do so*... your lives, your next generation's lives and your next next generation's lives lay on your hand.

We all can make a difference!!

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