Thursday, November 08, 2007

3 indo girls...

Introducing the 3 Indonesians girl from our dearest batch


1. Heny

Well... her name is a mere one word, with one 'N" and not two. Used to study in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and my sis' ex classmate *what a small world huh?*. She comes from Jambi, Sumatera. Don't get it wrong, she likes dolling up and making people look beautiful. Thus her interest in fashion and make-up.

Sadly, she had to have her hair cut short when she joined the batch. She used to have golden coloured hair and hair that fell to her back. But it's OK look more elegant this way.

Nickname in class: Miss Kerbau ^^
Fave stall in the canteen: Fruit stall *I think*. You can see her with her juice almost for every so healthy!

2. Diana a.k.a Ddee

Moody, stubborn and a total Cancerian.

Fave stall in the canteen: Malay food. But lately kinda like the Chicken Rice stall too *slurp..

3. Yanna

A woman who doesn't look her age. She is also known for her childish acts and horny jokes. She looks really beutiful when she lets her hair falls, and NOT when she buns them up *hahaha blame it to the requirements. A gossip-sharing friend, shopping friend, food-searching friend, etc... she is always ready for happening moments. The smallest among the three of us but the cute thing is... she gained 3 kgs in Spore... but she is still small anyway.

Nickname in the class: Princess Ali Baba ^^
Fave stall in the canteen: Malay food and Western food.

Yah..that's all. I am off to a Deepavali celebration at a batchmate's house.

Happy holiday!

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