Tuesday, October 09, 2007

More exams to come


"All of you passed your exams :) "

Yeay..yeay...4 papers were finally over and done.
Well, some batchmates had to retake some of the papers, but thank God... I passed :)

However, it seemed that our celebration only lasted during the weekend. Why, you asked?
Coz next Monday we will have another exam for another course.

Whattt? In a week you have 5 papers?
Yeah babe...

What else?
Hm....let's see. We finished the 15-cm long notes in 4 weeks time before we had our exams. Then, after Paper 4, we collected 2 more new sets of materials in two separate folders.
So what?
And today... again, we received another 7-cm notes *ha...ha....ha.... headache snutt snutt snutt...

Now we pronunce that it ain't easy job for sure.

How did we celebrate then?
The class decided to go to the clubs as we get free entrance *wahaha....* and discounts too.

However, I joined them later on around midnight. I went to AIESEC Mentorship Night at Harry's Bar. I can't describe how much FUN I had. I laughed alot, talked alot, teased alot *Sharon, I wasn't high. I was overjoyed!

It was a really great feeling to meet my @ friends and newbies, although I wasn't even familiar with alot of them. I miss AIESEC dearly.... I miss having such a great time with ol' friends and even if I don't know them, we seem to know each other before. Miss you guys so much.

At almost 12pm, I reached Zouk - Velvet with some @ers. When I arrived, Mawar has already drunk *pretty cute heh. The music sucks to the max... retro?? big no no. Hip hop? yeah..cool, but I could hardly breathe -___-''

Around 2pm we decided to migrate to Clarke Quay. Ow...we met plenty colleagues at Zouk though. At Clarke Quay, some of us merely wanted to hang out, have some drinks and chat. But but but.... due to certain circumstances, we had to enter Ministry of Sound (MoS).

Dang...I expect something HUGE and AWESOME, y'know. Trance music seriously hurt my brain. I fell down to the floor, being kicked around to the corner while I screamed in pain... *hahah jk jk. Nah...seriously it's NOT my cup of tea as well. Yet, the show must go on. There we were, a bunch of creative people, choreographing silly dances and laughing our lungs out.

Not bad....I burn some calories *muahahaha.

Ow.... I'm gonna have my training flight to Sydney and Tokyo. Nice.... too bad it's only a 1-nite stay *sigh...

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