Friday, September 14, 2007

I love my batchmates

And so they say our batch is really 'quiet and discipline' compare to others...

Some trainers felt 'stressed' and tensed in our class because of that. They did not know what to say or were afraid of saying the wrong thing. They couldn't really figure out whether we really understand the subject or just too shy to ask.

But NOOO... we're seriously a bunch of sweet and fun-loving people. It's just that we ARE NOT loud and crazy to other batches *maybe*

So, to showcase our batch, we purposely pasted our pic on our door, a very nice pic I shall say. And I intend to ask all to paste more pics on our walls and doors...basically everywhere on the wall. We can be 'quiet', but we are 'loud' in action *wakaka*

Ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy below pictures specially presented to you by batch 928.

Top: Darryl, Melvin, Jason, Brian and Chia
Mid: Surya, Priscilla, Heny, Lily, Ddee, Cherrie and Theresa
Bottom: Dan, Yanna, Charlotte, Kong Jing, Ming Juan 'Jenney' and Cherry

We're just a photo freak!!!

So, anyone who needs my help? I can be your messenger foc *as of now* hehe

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