Wednesday, August 27, 2008

back in Spore

Just came back from a 9-day holiday in Jakarta
and I already miss home
and family
and doggie
and friends
and you...

just wait for 2 more weeks and I'll be home again ;)


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Sunday, August 17, 2008



Happy 63th Independence Day, Indonesia!!

Miss singing the national anthem, miss marching for the flag ceremony, miss running for the competition, miss competing for the games....

I'll be home tomorrow!


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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Day 1 in Amritsar

#1 day - Wagha Border and Golden Temple (Amritsar, India)
Wagha Border is the road border crossing between Lahore, Pakistan and Amritsar, India. After the partition in 1947, the village was divided into two, with the eastern half remains in India and the other half in Pakistan.

The trip from our hotel to the Wagha Border took around 30 mins (40km). Along the street, we could see many street peddlers, old rundown buildings and even pigs and cows ;)
As we drove further away from the town centre, the Basmati rice fields span across both sides of the road, truly reminded me of Indonesia. Well, the traffic here is definitely more chaotic, with vehicles honking each other and 'every time they see human'. Interesting... but I am worried about my ears *haha

We were given seats at the VIP section *yeay* together with the other foreigners and guests. We were there early, so we could experience how both sides tried to showcase their spirits. Dancing, flag-waving, cheering, chanting, clapping and many more. The spirit and enthusiasm was superb! One side was shouting Hindustan, and the other was cheering Pakistan. Too bad I do not understand what they were saying, otherwise the feel would definitely be greater.

When the ceremony started, the guards marched with full force and energy. It may seem slightly agressive to foreigners with the feet stomping and defensive action, but it really is just an entertainment show for both sides. At the end of the ceremony, flags from both nations were lowered and kept safely.

Reaching Wagha Border
L-R: James, Ddee, Ria

Hola buddy, Heny!
We're there on 14th Aug (Pakistan's Independence Day), a day before India's

The guard in full uniform :)

Entering the 'plenary'

Women were dancing happily before the ceremony started

That's the gate... and that's Lahore :)

Guards marched enthusiastically

The crowds cheering...chanting....screaming...

Let's open the gate...

Stomp the feet!

Flags of the 2 nations

Next stop was Golden Temple (A Temple of God), a must visit place in Amritsar. It is the most significant shrine for the Sikhs and one of the oldest Sikh gurudwara. There are four entrances to the temple; signifying openness and acceptance to welcome everyone. This concept is followed by all Sikh temples all over the world.

Entrance to Golden Temple

Golden Temple at night

The kind soul who drove us around :)

Many slept on the floor next to the 'lake'

Cleaning up

Many volunteers helped in cooking food to be distributed to the poor and visitors.

Mixing the chapati dough

Producing chapati for the mass

If I'm not mistaken... 10K of chapati are produced each hour

The huge vegetable pot where they cook... OH MY!

The kitchen man!

Phew... an exciting day 1!

Next... a trip to Dharamsala, India (tip: Dalai Lama's residence)


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si be random

Alrightiee.... it's already 12.35am now. Been out of my room for over 17 hours venturing the bumpy ride to Dharamsala.

I am so so tired now... my eyes are too heavy to keep 'em open... I am signing off soon.

On a side note...why did I forget to bring my precious must-have pair of jeans?? I have no clue what to wear tomorrow to the orphanage already. Shorts? hm... scared my supervisor will tell me off 'coz it is still not so acceptable in India. Pants? .. err..can't match my top lah. Dang!!


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Thursday, August 14, 2008

my new love

Alex - My Vintage Romance

I got to know him (unfortunately, he doesn't know me....for now *haha) from We Got Married. If he really does show his true self here... I can surely say that he is a charming man who invests in romance. He treats a woman like a woman, he makes us feel precious. Therefore, I guess this character reflects his music... ballad and mellow love-song (my fave!).

01 어느새 Eoneusae (Soon)

02 그대라면 Geudaeramyeon (If It's You)

03 넌 언제나 (feat. Thomas Cook) Neon Eonjena (It's Always You)

04 기다리게 해서 미안해요 (Sorry Because you had to wait)

05 발끝을 적시는 눈물 Balkkeuneul Jeokshineun nunmeul (Tears that wet the tip of my toes)

06 Feel Like Making Sunshine

07 깍지껴요 (feat. Gaeko from Dynamic Duo) Kkakjikkyeoyo (Empty shell ____)

08 Waltz lesson (feat. whale)09 연인 Yeonin (Lover)

10 사랑하오 Saranghaeo (I love you)

11 기분 좋은 날 Gibun Joeun Nal (A Good Day)

12 Daydreaming

13 Miss. Understand (feat. Simon Dominic)

14 데이지 Deiji (Daisy)

15 화분 (Flowerpot - Bonus track)

Here are my current MP3 playlist... just can't get enough of you :)

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Just had a sumptuous lunch with the crew and the station manager... YUMMY!!

Think we are going to have so much fun here...

Four of us are going to the Wagha border (border of India-Pakistan) to watch the guard's changing and flag ceremony at 4.30pm today (note: Today is Pakistan's national day, tomorrow is India's national day and on the 17th is Indonesia's national day). Later on we will pay Golden Temple a visit too.

Tomorrow early morning, we will drive to Dharamsala where Dalai Lama exiled. Yeay yeay...

and the plan for Saturday is to visit Mother Teresa's orphanage...

GOSH... this is so exciting minus the fact I forgot to pack a sweater and my pair of jeans -___-''


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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

here I come India...

2 bottles of mineral water 1.5 lt
3 bottles of water 500ml
2 cup noodles
2 packs of biscuits
2 packets of potato chips
1 packet of cream soup
1 tin of baked beans
1 bar of choco
4 movies and a series of Korean drama
1 chick-lit by Sophie Kinsela

I think I am ready for my 6-day Amritsar, India (another country to add to the list).

I have no idea where to go except for Golden Temple and the border of India and Pakistan. But I will be staying there for 4 nights and I will have 3.5 clear days to enjoy. What else should I do... or go? Owh.. and the fact that Aug 15 is India's National Day, am not so sure if we're even allowed to go out on this day.

Golden Temple ~ Amritsar

Been considering to go to the Himalayans actually, but if no one wants to go with me... I think I have to let it go this time round. Sigh...

But hey... there is my buddy on board *huahuahaua* and another Indonesian newbie, so that makes three of Indonesian girls ^.*

Please make this flight pleasant!!! please....

ps: I am still counting down to the day I'll be home... yippeee...

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Monday, August 11, 2008

back in istanbul


A year ago I was in Istanbul. A short stop-over after finishing my internship in Ukraine. Now that I was back again... some sort of emotions rushed through. I miss Ukraine, I miss my friends and students there :(

When I recalled walking down Sultanahmet by myself a year ago, approached by strangers and hell yeah... things that happened, I think I was pretty much in a state of confusion and heck... come what may. Hm... not gonna tell the story here hahaha

This time round, there were bombs just 2 days before we reached Istanbul (while we just landed in Dubai) so everyone was more cautious. Stories were passed about incidents that happened to some of the crew: being robbed, stripped naked and beaten, being overcharged at a cafe, etc.

Guess I am not so young and free anymore... I actually felt a lil worried walking out by myself *haha... just in case. But worry not.. nothing happened!

So yeah... we did go out to a few places and in particular is Sultanahmet where lies the astounding Blue Mosque and Grand Bazaar.

Turkish delights.... sooo sweet and colourful!

#1 meal of the day, kebab.
Cheap and easy ;)

Grand Bazaar
just like Jakarta's Mangga Dua ITC, but in a Turkish style...

We just borrowed the guns from a shop *hahaha

So intricate and detailed... if only I collected those stuffs haha

That's the famous Blue Mosque!

Snap snap...

At the entrance to the mosque...

The girls must take a pic before moving on

The pillars...

Love the lighting on this shot!

We have to cover our arms....

Inside the mosque...

At Eminonu... the ferry terminal
A nice place to relax, fish or take the ferries to the small islands or Bosphorus

people are actually fishing here... nice place!

We're just trying to be cheesy... ^^''

Opposite the small harbour is Spice Bazaar and a mosque (forgot its name)

Too bad the Spice Bazaar has closed when we reached there at 7.30pm. We just walked around and experienced the hustle bustle of sellers and late shoppers, especially for spices, sweets and dried fruits.

Looks appetizing ya...

We flew back to Dubai... and had a late dinner nearby. But the weather is killing I tell you. It's so HOT and really really stuffy.. no wind, no breeze, none!

Dinner JUST for the 6 of us... and not all served yet!

Some of us... in Dubai!

No shopping, not much sight-seeing too...
but a lot of lazy-ing around and kebab



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Sunday, August 10, 2008

kuingin pulangggggg

Yeap..roughly a week from now I will be heading home again for almost 10 days*muahaha...

Can hardly wait for the excitement has built itself...
Yummylicious hang-out... mom's cooking... friends gathering... fun karaoke sessions... shopping spree... doggie... bro's wedding prep... and many more.


I wanna have pempek, siomay, seafood, bakmie (Indonesian style noodle), fried char koar tiaow ( this how it's spelt?), soto, cendol, nasi padang, Ibu Uun's grilled chicken... omo omo!

Guess a few kgs won't do much harm... hiiii :)

I'm gonna be homeeeee mommmiiieeee

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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Bonjour Paris! ~ part 2


From Montmartre, we paid the artists' village at the other side of the church a visit. Took lotsa pictures, created some hoo-haa by jumping here and there for pics too and yeah... some people followed us to take pics at the same spots we posed! not bad for our Asian 'eyes' hahaha...

Then we walked down towards Moulin Rouge, entering The Erotic Museum along the journey *hoo....hooo.....

The stars for the moment!

For this trip, our modes of transportation were mainly the train and by foot. Travellers can actually buy a cheaper 10-ticket at 11.6euro instead of 1.6euro per trip. This ticket can be used for the train, bus, metro and RER 'dans Paris' which I have no clue.

Next stop: Opera house....

Just a random shot when I saw the glass window... and a random guy who took our pic
Ok..I didn't mind coz he's cute enough to stand next to me...hauhauhaua

Some shopping spree in between... for some of the girls. I left Gallerie LaFayette empty-handed *sigh....proud..but..disappointed....too

On our way to Notterdam...

Ta da.... muahahahaha so happy!
Finally I stepped on Notterdam coz we didn't visit this place 12 years ago

Up close and personal....

Does anyone know what style Notterdam is?

The other side of Notterdam... the one facing the river

we didn't take the boat ride... huks huks... next time ok!

so soothing!


Cute-colourful-eye catching store

According to Lonely Planet, Berthillon is the best local ICE-CREAM in Paris!


Road side stall...
I personally like these cards... look cool

reminds me of Da Vinci Code hahaha

there's always light at the end of the tunnel :)
Habis gelad terbitlah terang - Ibu Kartini

That's the famous Louvre baybeh...

hihi... asked a random girl to take a pic with us..
guessed he was dared by his peers to dress up like that... interesting huh!

Moi French family.... where's dad, kids?? muahahaha

Seriously... Da Vinci Code!
and then we rushed to Champs Ellysees...

Why did they display my car there? grr...... lol

Risking my life to take this pic in the middle of the street...hahaha
Arc de Triomphe

And our final destination.... Eiffel Tower at 11.30pm
and it was sooooooo cold outside... but we stayed on...


The light show on Eiffel...

I am satisfied... very!

ps: Counting down to the day I'll be home sweet home....yippieee


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