Thursday, January 31, 2008

Women as dangerous goods??


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SIA - airline of the year 2008

Air Transport World names SIA Airline of the Year

Leading airline industry magazine, Air Transport World(ATW), has named SIA its Airline of the Year for 2008. SIA was recognised for its superb safety record, exemplary commitment to operational excellence, customer service and strong financial performance.

The awards will be presented on 18 Feb, in Singapore, at ATW's gala awards dinner at Swisshotel Singapore-The Stamford.

The editors of ATW, in their announcement on 28 Jan, applauded SIA's history making commercial introduction of the Airbus A380, the world's largest commercial passenger aircraft. SIA had donated all ticket revenues from its innovative online auction of seats on the first A380 flight to charity.

The editors also cited SIA's Singapore Airlines Suites, which have raised the bar for ultra-premium airline service, as well as the airline's US$360 million investment in upgrading all cabin classes of its long haul international aircraft.

In a first of its kind, ATW also awarded Star Alliance, an international marketing partnership between 19 airlines around the world, with the Market Leadership Award. This is the first time a global airline alliance has been recognised. Star Alliance, which celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2007, continues to set the standard for constructing a seamless travel product for passengers.

The alliance was founded in 1987 by Lufthansa, United Airlines, Air Canada, Scandinavian Airlines and Thai Airways and also includes two of this year's award winners, SIA and Air New Zealand.

Extracted from SIA Cabin Crew website


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Monday, January 28, 2008

the perks...

Ow...did I tell you that VJ Denise was on my flight from Sin-Hkg? I attended to her...but nothing special. Well, so far I've met 3 VJs... but I want VJ Utt or ex-VJ Jamie Aditya...he is the best!!

And also... the cute First Officer that I met during my training flight.... what a coincidence *heee...

But that's it. Nothing more.

ps: Hoping to meet more friends and uber HOT people *muahaha


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Friday, January 25, 2008

having fun in HK and Alcatraz

I am back three days ago, but the laziness just can't get out of my body and soul *haha... my mind really asks me to update tho. Now, I am forcing myself to type on my HKG-SFO adventure.

This time round, it was a real FUN experience. Nice crazy crew, not-so-demanding pax, pretty chilly weather but kinda bearable and variety of delicious food. No wonder... I found slight bump on my tummy *hahaha.

Our makan adventure....

Well, I was actually expecting a much worse flight. Remember when I mentioned that the crew always wished me luck upon hearing this flight??? Hey...somebody gotta do the job anyway. But it was pretty smooth despite the turbulence. Of course there were minor occurences that kinda got on my nerves: ehm ehm... shall not divulge them here. Nevertheless... it was FUN FUN FUN.
Our first stop was Hong Kong. We reached hotel at around 12 midnite. Too starving, we all agreed to go for a supper at a crew joint nearby. It was alright... a bit tasteless for my tongue and the chili was merely OIL *the next time you go to HK, make sure you have your chili with you owkay!*. After which, we headed back to the hotel after making a short stop at 7-11.

The next day, Julia and I agreed to go for lunch together. Who knows...15 mins before our meeting time, Angelina and Han decided to join us. there we were... on our way searching for another makan place. We ended up in a restaurant after seeing the flyer distributed by the auntie at the roadside. Hmph... the crispy chicken was yummy, but the fried rice was doubly big. Ah..they cost more as well -___-''

Continuing our journey, we walked around the Tsim Sha Tsui area *I think I am pretty familiar with it now. Our next stop was Shui Liu Shan, a dessert place. Woooww.... it's YUMMY!!

In the evening, we were on our way to San Fransisco - a 11hr 30mins flight across continents. I like the crew on this flight... they are nice and playful *hohoho. We've been discussing where to go in Fresco... some were definite about their shopping plan, some were busy with their friends... and WE?? We were planning to pay Alcatraz a visit :)

Upon reaching Fresco, it was chilly, but the sight of Market Street outside the hotel is fabulous. We went to a Thai restaurant for our dinner. The funny thing was that everyone was so talkative on the way there, but after the meal... we were simply 'stoned' and quiet. That means... time for a rest!

It was set. We were going to meet at 8am to book our ticket and then head out for breakfast. The trip to Alcatraz is popular, so you're advised to book in advance. True enough, when we booked, only 3 tours after 12noon were available. We paid for a 12.10-tour for $24.90.
Next, we took the train to the Fishermen's Wharf. It was colder than the night before. And from here on... I'll let the pictures speak for themselves!

Julia, Ddee and Angelina at the Fishermen's Wharf.
It was too early when we reached there. So, we had a clam chowder soup from the street side before we headed to In & Out burger joint at 10.30am *they said it is a MUST try burger :)

We took the ferry to the Alcatraz island ;)
once in a lifetime experience...
L-R: Ddee, Han and Angelina

The 'tiny' cell for the prisoner

The aisle and its cells

The atmosphere was not as spooky as those Nazi concentration camp *like the small one in Gdanks, Poland. Maybe it is because it is simply over-commercialized. Or... the prisoners 'deserve' to be in a prison anyway, unlike the Jewish. But the audio tour was great as it comes with the real voice of the Correction Officers and the prisoners, including the background sound of the gates, fights and so on.

Later on... we headed back to the Fishermen's Wharf to take more pictures and see the sea-lions
Ow...we had Dreyer's ice-cream cone that tastes superb *miss the butterscotch finger ice-cream, can't find it here yet :(

The cute sea-lions... *haha some of them are really fat

I never love cheese so much in my life
The Cheesecake Factory has the best cheesecake!

The Market Street is full of shops and malls

Back to Hong Kong....

The 'funny' incident was that the six of us went to Causeway Bay. The girls and guys splitted and decided to meet 3 hours later. However, after wandering around for less than an hour, the girls made up their mind to go to the Flower Market Street instead. We called connection. Hmpphh... what should we do?

Guiltlessly, we took off and had a shopping spree at Flower Market Street. We still tried to make those phone calls though. Slightly over 4pm, the guy called back using another number. Han said: "I am telling you, I am very angry now." Woopzz...

Interestingly, before he hung up the phone, he asked Angelina to send us a message (in this case: Julia and I): Be very careful on the flight!
Wahahaha...we couldn't stop laughing but yet feel their frustration at the same time. Sorry guys!!
In the end, we all reconciled and met up at Mongkok for a dinner *hahahaha....
Ah..and if you're wondering if something happened on the flight... NO, there wasn't. He is still the same nice guy ;) it was FUNNY nonetheless
The view from the ferry on my way to Central - Hong Kong. Very foggy and poluted...

That's the ferry that cost me merely 2.2HKD haha *love it

Not to forget....Phoebe!!!
Thanks for the evening and letting me staying over :)


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Wednesday, January 16, 2008


After coming back to Singapore a day early from London, I had another stand-by. This time round, I was called-up to do Denpasar again *aiyoo...

The thing is that I dislike coming back a day earlier, lost a day of my London allowance, had a stand-by and got a Denpasar flight for it.... means I have to work when I initially did not have to, and still receive a lower allowance in total.

But anyway, the flight was fine. VJ May and Choy were in my zone... I attended to them *haha. Not bad for a starting heh!

After that, I had to 'pax' to Christchurch with my whole set of crew. Meaning that I do not have to operate on that particular flight (I am a passenger lar). We operated on our way back to Singapore. Nice...Love it. I watched 5 movies on board, listened to my own playlist, ate lotsa food and snacks haha but just couldn't sleep on board.

We reached the hotel at around 11.15am. At 12noon, the three of us gathered to start exploring Christchurch 'The Garden City of the World', New Zealand. We stayed at the city centre, just next to the Cathedral Square.

Our first stop: Bridge of Remembrance
We just happened to bump into this while searching for a makan place,
but since everything is dearly expensive...
in the end the guys went to KFC *hahaha

I only bought a bottle of mineral water *been eating too much on board
How much? This one cost me $3 *doenk............

The well-known Cathedral

The buildings surrounding the Cathedral Square
Actually I was here around 10 years ago, but at that time it was winter
and now it's super super warm

See... even a bird wants to be on top of the 'world'

I finally found the hotel where we stayed 10 years ago. It's at the other side of the Cathedral Square, a block away :)

The view from my hotel room at around 3pm

The view at around 9pm

The view at 10pm
Christchurch is a quiet, peaceful city, I have to admit. Sits at around 45K hectares with over 350K population, the city offers more of natural beauty and water-sports activities. The next time I am there, I might go to the Arts museum or simply to their beaches. Water sports?? tempting and simply irresistible. I'd love to try the sky-diving and test my adrenaline. But maybe one day when I have more time to let my adrenaline sinks too... otherwise, I can't operate *haha
Wowkay... I am leaving for Hong Kong - San Fransisco tomorrow. Cya soon Pheebs!
Hopefully I survive the 'dreadful' flights. The crew had wished me luck every time I mentioned this flight ;)


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Monday, January 14, 2008

add em to the list

Yeay... I've added more countries and territories I've visited to the list.

This one was in 2006, and now... in the beginning of 2008 I'm gonna add:

--> 29 and still counting

yeah yeah... more to come. Bring it on babe! hahahaha


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what a pencil teaches us

A boy was watching her grandmother wrpte a letter. At one point, he asked:
“Are you writing a story about what we’ve done? Is it a story about me?”His grandmother stopped writing her letter and saidto her grandson:”I am writing about you, actually, but more important than the words is the pencil I’m using, I hope you will be like this pencil when you grow up.”
Intrigued, the boy looked at the pencil. It didn’t seem very special.”But it’s just like any other pencil I’ve ever seen!”

“That depends on how you look at things. It has five qualities which, if you manage to hang on to them, will make you a person who is always at peace with the worlds.
First quality: you are capable of great things, but you must never forget that there is a hand guiding your steps. We call that hand GOD, and He always guides us according to His will.
Second quality: now and then, I have to stop writing and use a sharpener. That makes the pencil suffer a little, but afterwards, he’s much sharper. So you, too, must learn to bear certain pains and sorrow, because they will make you a better person.
Third quality: the pencil always allows us to use an eraser to rub out any mistakes. This means that correcting something we did is not necessarily a bad things; it helps to keep us on the road to justice.
Fourth quality: what really matters in a pencil is not its wooden exterior, but the graphite inside. So always pay attention to what is happening inside you.
“Finally, the pencil’s fifth quality: it always leaves a mark. In just the same way, you should know that everything you do in life will leave a mark, so try to be conscious of that in your every action."

Paulo Coelho.


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Friday, January 11, 2008

dream a little dream of me

When I dreamt of you that night...
I couldn't help but to continue my sleep smiling all the way
even when I had to return to Singapore and end my trip one day earlier...

Tonight...I wish the same way too *haha..
Sweet dreams all :)

I'm paxing to Christchurch. Let's test your Geography.
Which continent is Christchurch in?
Which country is it exactly?

Haha...just curious coz many people do not seem to know.
It's Australia. Christchurch is in New Zealand, a much nicer place than Australia itself in my humble opinion :)

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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

shop till you drop? nah..not yet

Shopping is a therapy.... especially for ladies
I am not going to deny this
But I have to say... Great bargains for shopping is an even more powerful therapy *wahaha
Don't trust me? I spent less than 55pounds for all these *wink wink...

Next shopping spree will be in Hong Kong and San Fransisco. The crew has warned me to bring more money, extra credit card and plenty of empty space in my luggages. Hm... just wondering how great the shopping there is. Anyway, hopefully I can still refrain myself for buying unnecessary stuffs *which up till now I am pretty proud of myself still haha

Awh...housewarming party coming up soon. Just wait for the updates and see you around!

ps: Just finished cleaning up the house, sweeping, mopping... now our sanctuary smells good hehe


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Tuesday, January 08, 2008 here I come

Let's see wazzup with the beginning of 2008?

  1. Countdown was done in dreamland. I was too bored and tired to wait for the celebration, I ended sleeping at 11pm. Venue: Adelaide. Weather: HOT

  2. I bought myself a new cargo bag from Samsonite for my long-haul flight (discount applicable haha). Apparently the crew said mine is still pretty small and inadequate for some flights (read: shopping spree)

  3. I had my first announcement on board for my Jakarta turn-around flight. Seriously, it was much easier than Denpasar flight..but's too short for our long list of duties. Owh...I met my uni friend on board * name is just too unique I suppose

  4. In the end, a passenger's smile makes it all worthwhile. Can't agree no more! Note: be a kind and understanding customer k :)

  5. People keep asking and telling me about my hair-style. I'll just take it as a compliment then. It's low-maintenance (except that I have to trim my fringe at least twice a month), easy to style and most importantly... I don't have to wake up early to 'bun up' my hair

  6. Went back to London after 11.5 years. The architecture kinda reminds me of Ukraine, I think it must be that European touch. Still expensive and conservative.

  7. Those were longggg 12-13 hours flights and tough. We didn't have time to relax, sit down or chat. Noodles, sandwich, beers, water, chips, etc... although we've just done a couple of rounds of drinks and so on. Sorry people... but sometimes it's just too much to bear.

  8. I find it really really hard to smile... after working for over 7 hours... over demanding inconsiderate pax... and some attitude probs *ck ck ck... I was simply to tired of all those. Definitely a lesson learnt for an amateur like me.

  9. Had my first long flight with highest allowance thus far. I was meant to arrive back on Tuesday, but I got called-up and here I am...back in Spore on Monday. A day earlier... lesser allowance... and now I have another stand-by rostered *huhu

  10. Thank God I have great supervisors and colleagues so far. Keep blessing me throughout my whole journey please...

  11. Went to Oxford Street in London for some shopping. I've been pretty good at managing my spending thus far. I spent less than 75pounds in total, while another friend spent over 60pounds in Primark itself *the funny thing is... she only exchanged 100SGD which is equivalent to around 33 pounds hahaha

  12. I had my first breakfast at the hotel. And also the first time I had breakfast with my ward leader (so-called my team leader who's responsible to assess and supervise me throughout my career)

  13. I saw Jackie Cheung at Changi Airport *wahahaha... He looks decent, clean and yummy. But unfortunately, he is not so tall *sigh

  14. In need of masseur and an assistant to run my errands.

  15. Therefore, WANTED: A masseur or taxi driver as best friends *hihihi

Here is where we contributed to UK's economy :)


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Thursday, January 03, 2008

New Year at Adelaide

So there I was for New Year.
We touched down at Adelaide International Airport slightly over 9am and reached the hotel around 10am. It was really really HOT HOT HOT.
Cleaned up myself and too exhausted to go out, I decided to have my beauty sleep.
I woke up at 4pm to find my stomach screamed to be fed.
So I walked out from the hotel and oh my... the shining sun really showed its power, and the fact that Australia is the country with the thinnest atmosphere on earth does not help to curb the heat. It stung onto the skin and it hurt!
I spent merely 20 mins at Cole's, bought some biscuits, 1lit of green tea and instant noodles. My initial plan to walk around Adelaide went vanished. The heat was unbearable.
That's why I don't really like Australia.
The food is costly.
There are nothing much for me to see and figure out *I suppose there are more beautiful entertaining places out there
The shopping is just out of my budget *haha* and they close so early
The weather does not help either

The park with a tower clock, opposite Hilton hotel

The cheerful train :)

The street *man, this is just around the supermarket haha

Our New Year Eve's dinner at Taste of Spice
We all received a paper crown *haha
L-R: Patsy, Charmaine, me
What happened for countdown?
Hihi... I was in my dreamland smooching some cute guys *hahahaa...kiddin' to London tomorrow. Cya again next week.


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