Friday, October 26, 2007

won was in town

What to do while you're in Singapore?

Frankly speaking, up till my 4.5yr in Singapore, I still have no idea despite the usual Esplanade, Chinatown, Sentosa, Suntec and Orchard *wahaha.

Therefore, when Won was in town for a short visit, I had no idea where to bring him around. He has been to these few places except Sentosa I think. But I am only free in the evening after my training and we wouldn't have enough time to go there.

And so....tha da... our meetings were full of FOOD!!

Yeap... spaghetti, pizza, fish and chicken combo at Spageddies, drinks at TCC, satay, stingray and la la at Lau Pa Sat and not to forget a durian treat at Geylang :)

He has not changed since the last time I met him last Dec. Still the same old guy! with his AIESEC shirts, especially HUFS pink shirt ^o^ hahaha...peace Won!

Thanks much for the pink shirt *I am unofficially a HUFS @er too, I had a shirt and a jacket from you. Cya again okie! Wait for me in Korea....

3 D24 durians for the four of us.... yummy yummy and insufficient!

And the gank!
guess where it is?...
alamak...haven't been to SMU for a longgg time *haha

at Food Republic, Wisma Atria.
Notice his pink @HUFS shirt now?
and my new course's notes? hehe

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