Tuesday, February 06, 2007

100 Chairs

So, let's go to 'Behind the scene' on Feb 3rd, 2007:

At the Dance Studio at level 2 which was transformed into a make-up and hair-styling room[L-R, Top-Bottom]:

  1. Charlotte still managed to pose heh! haha
  2. Ar Kar played around with Kenneth's guitar *bored of waiting huh
  3. Sean's hair being styled and he didn't seem to like it *wakaka
  4. Grace, the Emcee, was busy consolidating all the cue cards
  5. Zack and his 'V' sign
  6. A busy hairstylist who asked whether I wanna style my hair *eh..how?
  7. Xiu jing was trying to tie the bandana to the Orange girl
  8. Jessica and her pinkish make-up
  9. Kenneth and his beauty recipes *draw more dude!

  1. Dodo from Medan and a PSB girl posing outside NYC
  2. My publicity team was busy decorating themselves *tee hee
  3. Anson and his hair-stylist haha
  4. Shah Rizzal and his new hair-style *can't stop laughing at his expression lor
  5. Emcee's hair being braided
  6. Cara is one of the chair artists
  7. Kenneth and Jian Kai were rehearsing, and thus the pose
  8. Another Shah Rizzal's expression
  9. Jessica's nice smile
Yup, that's Oscar who raised his hand up to the sky *tsk..tsk..tsk
hehe jk deh, thanks for coming ya Mas Car!

Post-event action!!
Gee... I like these people haha
They always make my day *hugz..we're such a poser
I dunno if I should be happy or sad, the bids are now getting higher and higher and some even go beyond my initial expectation. This is supposed to be good as it means more money to be donated. But it also means, I may lose the chance to possess those chairs that I like *hiks hiks..can't afford to outbid these people lar whoaaaaa
Yah...nevertheless, do bid for your fave chair[s] here!

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