Saturday, February 24, 2007

I hate coming back to school!

I hate coming back to school!

I hate coming back to school!

I hate coming back to school!

I hate coming back to school!

I hate coming back to school!


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Friday, February 16, 2007

be happy

Gong Xi Fa Cai...

Hong Bao Na Lai..

Gong Xi Gong Xi Gong Xi Ni...hiak..

On my way home...


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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Once in a while someone comes along
Someone who just naturally
makes everyone feel a little happier,
a little more alive to life...

You've been that someone to me
You've given me a new perspective
on a lot of things - including myself...
There are things you've said to me,
I'll always remember
and ways you've helped me,
I'll never forget...

The times we spend together are always good times
that leave me looking forward to the next time

So thanks for being the wonderful person you are...
You're an inspiration to me...

I'm very glad and grateful that you've come into my life.

Happy Valentine!

My sweetest Vdae presento for 2007.

Thanks for being there all-ways friend!

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Would it be my last?

No matter how much you love it, sometimes you just have to it let go.

Same goes for APXPRO or APXLDS [AIESEC's Asia Pacific conference].
I went for APXPRO last year in Phillippines carrying my Local Committee President elect title, but this year I don't think I will be able to attend the India's APX with my 4-more months title.

I do not have the chance to enjoy being an APXLDS delegate [which is more relaxed and less intense, and comes with lotsa dances and roll calls], and maybe.... maybe last December's @SIPO NLDS was my final conference.

and I don't like this 'MAYBE'.

Why do we have the Water Day event on 22nd March? Why must we do this project instead of tons of other projects out there? Will you let me take a week's leave from school? Will you penalize me for doing so? Do you need me here? CAN I GO? SHOULD I GO?

Why do I wanna go heh?

No matter how much you love it, sometimes you just have to it let go.

ps: Wish you guys all the very best from the depth of my heart. Wish you all the best blessings, and the strongest heart and will ever. I wish I could do more... but I don't know how. PISSED!

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Monday, February 12, 2007

BBQ is FUN...and FUN is BBQ

So, are you single?
'Yes'... came out as soon as the question was asked....
by a bunch of Mama-razzi

Are you available?
Er...hid his face and try to run away... but NTU will keep on haunting ya dude!

The 6kg chicken proved themselves to worth the challenge. It was delicious and endless [too many]. We basically finished everything except the chicken and 2 loaves of bread: tangerines, fishballs, sausages, bread, otah, marshmallow, corn and drinks.

Started with a couple of guys and I fought to lit the fire, then became the chef of the day with son-in-law Xie Wei, Uncle Nic, daughter Wang Fang and Qiqi as the food-tester *hee.... he wish lor*. Later I joined the 'crazy' group of girls to play around and ask totally spontaneous random questions to the other guys, just for the sake of having fun * IS fun. In the end, Xie Wei was the first victim, then Siew Yik, then Peggy, then ... then ... then ...

I like sharing coz it helps us to bond. By sharing, you're in a way saying that you're ready to trust the people you share the stories to and therefore they will share in return. It's a mutual thing. Or even if it does not happen that way, well... the step in getting to know oneself has been laid and I think it's good to happen. I like when everyone took turn for Q&A, made jokes of oneself or others, gave constructive inputs, shared their XP and offered their thoughts on certain issues. Seriously...I luve it! and I am much more in luve with @NTU *awhh....

So, here it is: the cook, the provocator, the interrogator, the supporter, the cheerleader, the listener and many more. Not to estatic LCP [Local Committee President].

Btw, before the BBQ, I went for maybe one of those most important events in my life, those that will create a huge impact in my life, those that when I grew old I can look back and smile for going and doing it. It was AIESEC Student Review Board.

It was scary I have to say. I was scared that I took it too lightly, that I did not plan and put much effort into it. Butterflies were playing hide and seek inside my 'tummy' *huhu* and the two hours wait did not make it easier. Hearing that my turn was after Dei was even more disastrous ... coz the two of us have totally TWO different styles. Dei, his visions and diplomatic answers. Dee and her bluntness. If you're an interviewer, which one do you pick? If you're going for a job interview, which style do you use? Geez...

To cut it short, due to certain circumstances they finally changed my interviewers and I had to wait for another round before my turn. Yap... more butterflies and even their babies were growling.

OK...Smile...Take a deep breathe...Enter...Say Hi...Shake hands...Intro myself...and try to make myself as comfy as possible.

And then the rest was a story... I talked alot, we laughed alot. I answered the questions, they asked more questions. But one thing was apparent...they nodded too!

Heaven's yeah...I GOT IT!! I GOT IT!!
and to massage my ego abit...I am highly recommended *haha.
But... I do wish to get feedback on my interview skills & performance. Can I?

Counting down: 2 days to the over-commercialized Vdae, 4 days to home sweet home :)

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Thursday, February 08, 2007

random dee

6 kgs of chicken

and I smell like one... excited for this Saturday's BBQ haha

ow...gotta be ready for my interview too *awh..where to go where to go? Rusia? Brazil? Korea? Japan? Bangladesh? India? Kenya? Turkey? ...I dunno hiks more importantly is what to do there k.


Went down to NYC again and got to meet some of the volunteers and the staffs. I like the feeling. It reminds me of the last few weeks when we were busy preparing and had to go down every single day to NYC. "I like" as Borat put it.

But.... I also see more things that I don't like to see, at least in public space k. Gosh, I understand that Valentine's day is coming very very soon and love is in the air [including the love songs and CNY songs haha]. Puh lease...get your own space and leave us all alone. We are not interested in you displaying your affection, we have seen enough and just go away and have it somewhere k. Aihh....

Another random post from me.

Heya all, are you doing great?

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007


I feel like I am at the Stock Exchange main lounge.
The bids are getting higher and higher ^^

And I may lose to some of them for my fave chairs *hiks hiks...

Been messaging these people to leave their details to confirm their bids, and gosh...
I can't change the duration now. The auction ends on 10th, 2pm instead of 11th midnight. What am I supposed to do? gee...


Awh... on the other hand, Jetstar is having promotion again. I wanna travel's about time to have my break and add another country in my list.
Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi - Vietnam
Hong Kong, Guang Zhou - China
Bangkok - Thailand
Perth, Melbourne - OZ


Student Review Board is on this Saturday. I am gonna be interviewed and assessed on my qualification to go for AIESEC Exchange. Wish me luck!

So, tell us more why you wanna go for @ exchange? complete my @Experience? *smack me to the ground haha

Where do you want to go and why?
anywhere...just send me anywhere except Malaysia and Indonesia. I stayed there before you know. Send me out of Singapore puh-lease.... *nice palm-print on the face

Why do we have to select you?
hohoho...we know that everyone is unique in its own. So do I. There's only one Diana. Therefore, I am unique * think you're the only one unique heh! wakaka....

OKay...I am making a fool of myself. No worry, I will prepare and do my very best to get it.
The story above is fictional and not the true reflection of Diana *hee...

Life is beautiful baybeh!

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

life is less boring....with something cute haha

Heya, I got ur pic here. Wan me to send u?

How can u send me? want I come there to take it?

Email? Msn? it's softcopy hehe

Ok. ..., send to me some of ur pics hehe


Seriously, I think this is cute :)

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100 Chairs

So, let's go to 'Behind the scene' on Feb 3rd, 2007:

At the Dance Studio at level 2 which was transformed into a make-up and hair-styling room[L-R, Top-Bottom]:

  1. Charlotte still managed to pose heh! haha
  2. Ar Kar played around with Kenneth's guitar *bored of waiting huh
  3. Sean's hair being styled and he didn't seem to like it *wakaka
  4. Grace, the Emcee, was busy consolidating all the cue cards
  5. Zack and his 'V' sign
  6. A busy hairstylist who asked whether I wanna style my hair *
  7. Xiu jing was trying to tie the bandana to the Orange girl
  8. Jessica and her pinkish make-up
  9. Kenneth and his beauty recipes *draw more dude!

  1. Dodo from Medan and a PSB girl posing outside NYC
  2. My publicity team was busy decorating themselves *tee hee
  3. Anson and his hair-stylist haha
  4. Shah Rizzal and his new hair-style *can't stop laughing at his expression lor
  5. Emcee's hair being braided
  6. Cara is one of the chair artists
  7. Kenneth and Jian Kai were rehearsing, and thus the pose
  8. Another Shah Rizzal's expression
  9. Jessica's nice smile
Yup, that's Oscar who raised his hand up to the sky *tsk..tsk..tsk
hehe jk deh, thanks for coming ya Mas Car!

Post-event action!!
Gee... I like these people haha
They always make my day *hugz..we're such a poser
I dunno if I should be happy or sad, the bids are now getting higher and higher and some even go beyond my initial expectation. This is supposed to be good as it means more money to be donated. But it also means, I may lose the chance to possess those chairs that I like *hiks hiks..can't afford to outbid these people lar whoaaaaa
Yah...nevertheless, do bid for your fave chair[s] here!

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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Online auction starts NOW!!

Click here to bid for your face chair[s] here :)

Still don't feel like going to school
Still wanna rest and sleep more
Still wanna have my own time
Still wanna have fun!

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Saturday, February 03, 2007

here we come!

It's 'D' day beibs!!

and I am still lingering here at NYC...gosh

*shoo shoo...zzzZZZzzz

Hope everything goes smoothly...and more adopters :)

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Friday, February 02, 2007

what a long day today

One big pau

A glass of take-away ice-tea with milk

Around 1.8K of flyers to be distributed

Tension and dissatisfaction mounted up

Tiramisu gelato from Bravissimo

Four bottles of The Body Shop bath and shower gel

Three small banana and peach pies

A cup of hot tea

Decent conversation with rommate *Aza roomie...mwah mwah..

What a long day!

ps: Roomie....gue yakin elo bisa, and kita percaya ama elo. Maju terus pantang mundur k. I'll be your life-long supporter babe! It worths fighting for, even if it's only for ONE person who put his/her trust on your capability and sincerity :)

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