Saturday, June 06, 2009

miss you

Now that I am back for 'good' in Jakarta, sometimes I do miss my old life. NO, I do NOT regret my decision to come back.

It is like those times you missed your childhood times.
It is like those times you missed your hi-school period.
It is like those times you smiled when thinking of your first love.

I miss my old traveling times. Just the travel part. Not the working part *hehe.

I miss the thrill exploring new places, trying out new dishes, taking unfamiliar public transport, seeing strangers and learning their unique lifestyles.

I decided to leave those frequent traveling privilege behind. Simply because I have a better and greater cause to come back.

Now that I miss those traveling times....

Now that I am back because of him...

Now that he is away for a couple of days...

Now I realize I miss him more than my traveling time.

So...yeah... I made the right decision to come back.

Can't help not to miss you even just for a day.

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