Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Netherlands

It is 5.47am in Los Angeles and I am comfortably putting my b*tts on Hilton's seat *haha. Too many things going on my mind and everytime I fall asleep I keep dreaming of the same thing again... so here I am choosing to update my long overdue post *hihi...peace yaa
As soon as we reached the hotel, we arranged for our itinerary, asked many questions at the concierge, showered and got prepared in an hour before heading out.
Day 1 itinerary:
Apparently, Den Haad is quite a distance if you check the map. But the train merely took an hour and real cosy.
On the train to Den Haag from Amsterdam
promo price: E17.50 for whole day any where in The Netherlands

Our quick bite for lunch... pizza *haha

We are HERE at Madurodam... a land of miniatures

My first giant clogs...

Peeking at someone who is showering inside... LOL

That is.... er...I dunno what is that!

Nice huh!

Look at those giants in that tiny little world...

Dee the giant evil...

Let's have our lunch here....

crazy me...

Owh...don't fall please...

Opera, babe?

A baby has been found at the airport.... parents, please proceed to the nearest info counter ;p


My second giant clog...haha the flying clog!

A way to commit suicide ala dee...

Leaning on you...

After spending almost 3 hours at Den Haag, we returned to Amsterdam and took a stroll around the central towards Dam's Square.

Nearby Dam's Square

Finally we reached Dam's Square

We walked back to the hotel instead of taking the tram.. nice weather, nice company... but tired souls

Next on the agenda was the evening canal cruise... haha so romantic heh!!

A shot just before the cruise... before it's too dark to take decent pics...

The canal cruise was good, but we were simply too tired to fully enjoy the trip. Half-way through I fell asleep... before I woke up and forced my eyes to open up.

After the cruise...we accompanied the guys to the Red Light District. It was cold, we were tired but at the same time... curious hahaha

so yeah... I saw lotsa ladies in different shapes, sizes, skins and skimpy clothes..or underwear *haha... too bad NO pics are allowed to be taken there.

Yeay... short and sweet report from LA!

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