Friday, September 19, 2008

boo haa....

Random update:

1. I can't find my new pair of black jeans. Oh no... my one and only black colour jeans...where art thou?
2. Officially no more 24-hr day off in Singapore for this month... It is gonna be a superbly tight month huh!
3. Just had a wonderful dinner with Phoebe, Sharon, Imran and Jing. Imran's bro was there till 9pm too. So funnnnn catching up again!
4. I miss home... I miss gathering and talking cock...hahaha
5. I am going to Amsterdam, Abu Dhabi and Tokyo-Los Angeles....*yeah yeah confetti baybeh...
6. A very special friend is coming early next month *haha... I am waiting ok!
7. Phoebe is moving in in December.... can't wait to stay together with you sis
8. New fingers' exercises routine: sms and MSN *haha
9. I went for a swim for 2 days in a row... wah, so proud!

Bottom line: I am happy :)

Hope you're happy too...

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