Monday, August 04, 2008

who's in town?

Hey hey...

Look who was in town!!!

The Russian-Australian Alex was stopping over for a few days before he departed to Melbourne. It's been over a year since I last met him when he came for a CEEDer-ship with AIESEC Singapore.

He finished his one-year AIESEC Member Committee term in Bahrain, traveled to dunno how many countries in UAE, paid India a visit with *ehm ehm*.. and came to Singapore for a shopping spree before saying bye-bye.

We went to an organic cafe at Sommerset *see I can't even remember the name now* because our dear Starbuck has gone. hint: Alex is a real fan of Starbucks... or maybe its wi-fi haha.

L-R: Alex, D, Phoebe, Nicholas

And I could never think of a time where I chose to consume yoghurt, not even during my work where there are plenty of yoghurt around -___-''

But then I had this yoghurt-fruit-nut-dessert!

Looks good??

Had a fun time cathing up again... and Alex, see you in 4-months time (AT THE MOMENT ok!)

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