Tuesday, August 12, 2008

here I come India...

2 bottles of mineral water 1.5 lt
3 bottles of water 500ml
2 cup noodles
2 packs of biscuits
2 packets of potato chips
1 packet of cream soup
1 tin of baked beans
1 bar of choco
4 movies and a series of Korean drama
1 chick-lit by Sophie Kinsela

I think I am ready for my 6-day Amritsar, India (another country to add to the list).

I have no idea where to go except for Golden Temple and the border of India and Pakistan. But I will be staying there for 4 nights and I will have 3.5 clear days to enjoy. What else should I do... or go? Owh.. and the fact that Aug 15 is India's National Day, am not so sure if we're even allowed to go out on this day.

Golden Temple ~ Amritsar

Been considering to go to the Himalayans actually, but if no one wants to go with me... I think I have to let it go this time round. Sigh...

But hey... there is my buddy on board *huahuahaua* and another Indonesian newbie, so that makes three of Indonesian girls ^.*

Please make this flight pleasant!!! please....

ps: I am still counting down to the day I'll be home... yippeee...

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