Sunday, June 15, 2008

what a day...

The alarm was supposed to ring at 7.45am

but it didn't

and I was awaken by a morning call at 8.30am

which means...

I was left with around 30mins to get ready

at 9am I was at the hotel lobby

can't wait to be back!


when I signed on my work position

doenkk.... steward's duty

which means that was my first time doing it

two meal service of lunch and refreshment

means six full carts and 2 half-carts for lunch

three and a half-cart for refreshment

load em!

man...there goes my first solo as a galley stewardess... on

man, I survived

and learned alot despite everything that happened

just that it was sad that sometimes how you are the one to be 'blamed' for not doing things right when it was not really your wrongdoings

life goes on...

I'm stronger heh!

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