Thursday, June 19, 2008


Yeay.....I just cleared my Probation yesterday *muahahaha....
no more 'P' next to my name...
but that also means...
I have to be ready for whatever comes my way, I am a full-fledged crew now :)

Finally, after over 6 months we will be meeting again *at least some of us haha* to celebrate this next week. Am so looking forward to it.

The past week or two, I managed to meet up with some friends. Happy happy...
Met brother Melvin and Brian for 928 over steamboat buffet and crappy talks
Met Ratna in Sydney and reminisced our hi-school life and shared our stories
Met AIESEC friends for a Japanese dinner at Waraku last night... finally!! after missing so many events.

I am happy. Life is good!!

ps: I am off to Zurich tomorrow. Bless me!

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