Sunday, May 18, 2008

Unforgettable Fresco

Yeah, finally the anticipation and excitement of going to San Fransisco was fulfilled *huahuahua
Had an amazingly fun time visiting places, eating different cuisines, taking pictures. But most importantly, meeting Yohan and catching up again after so long... hm..over 4 years?

On my arrival day, we went for a Thai dinner. Lots Basil leaves I gotta say *hahaha and I am not a fan of those.

As usual, jet lag lingered. My eyes were wide awaken at 4am and I had to force myself to get back to sleep. To no avail, I decided to watch TV at 5 plus *sigh. Went for a hot bath, grabbed a pack of french fries before I met Yohan again for brunch.

Dim Sum for brunch *yummy...haha
The resto opens at 11am, but we're there at 10.40am :)

Golden Gate here we are!
Trivia: what's the colour of the Golden Gate?

Then we (or more like 'he') drove me to Sausalito.... nice

Golden Gate from the hill

@ Cliff House baybeh...
I ran away into the cave

At the end of the cave... stunning!

Pacific sands... We were there!

Introducing *drum roll.... Yohan hehehe

Argh...we've touched Pacific ocean... hehehe
Geez, his feet are sexier than mine -___-''

I love the Japanese Garden :)

Let's chill at Japanese Garden's cafe

Tha da...

Uik....on top of the bridge

After a day full of fun, laughters, crazy jokes, priceless conversations, we headed back to the city for a dinner with his friends. They're so much fun to hang out with... yummy!

Yohan and friends :)

I'm so glad to meet you again, dude! haha can never stop making me laugh :)

So, see you again soon ok!

ps: Answer to the trivia: International orange

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