Wednesday, February 27, 2008

you think you've known all these?

Now, let me put this scenario into a flight to Bangkok. In around 2 hours you have to do so so so many things.

On-ground duties:


Before take-off:

and so on.... (anyway the *etc was put in every duties as things can happen anytime... and many passengers just do not seem to take this into consideration)

Now... let me tell you some stories about cabin check for safety and security.

A pregnant lady was upset when I tried to collect her headset during our preparation for landing.
Why do you have to collect the headset?
Mam, it is for safety reason that I have to collect all headsets
Safety reason... what safety reason?
Mam, in case of emergency or evacuation, you may trip over your headset wire or it may fly around and hurt yourself or other passenger... (before I even finished, she was already annoyed and pissed thinking that I was trying to make her 'lose face'. The westerners behind her were surprised and looked in disbelief *muahaha.I did not even mention that she may miss the 'evacuation command' if she's wearing her headsets)
(shouting) You know what.... JUST TAKE IT!
So I took it and continued collecting my headsets.

An educated, trendy lady sat on the very first row where there are no storage in front of them (usually they can put small bags under the seat in front of them). I politely asked to assist her to stow her bag on the overhead compartment. However, during our preparation for landing, the bag was back on her lap.
Mam, let me help you to stow your bag on the overhead compartment.
Why do I have to put it there?
Mam, for safety reason your bag has to be stowed on top *refering to the fact that she does not have any sufficient storagen space in front of her.
What safety reason?
In case of depressurisation (means the aircraft just 'falls' down to a certain level) or emergency, your bag won't fly all over *and may injure herself or other pax (I did not even mention the fact that she won't be able to do her 'bracing' position during emergency)....
I don't think so! these cases, I have to refrain myself from 'challenging' the passengers to avoid further matters. If only I work at other companies, maybe I can easily reply: "Oh yeah, let's see if you can be a heroine and hold your bag tightly still during emergency," or "I don't give a damn on your own safety or life, but the other passengers may not necessarily agree on you risking theirs too." - evil laugh....muahahahhaa

You see... We, the crew, are not doing all the so-called safety measures just for the sake of being seen doing something about it. They serve a purpose, whether you like or not, whether you ever think about it or not. It is not like we have a thousand years on our hands to do all our duties. We are on constant battle with time and doing this safety check really means a lot to us.

The next time you're on board, think again on why you have to switch off your electrical devices, put your sit up-right, stow your tray table, put your foot rest up, fasten your seat belt, put your window shades up and stow your bag properly under the seat in front of you!!

Have you found the answers???

Nevertheless, stop being a pain in the a** passenger... I am just trying to help.

Sorry peeps... sometimes it is just so frustrating :(
especially when the passengers really show me some attitude or faces
I am a human too!

to be continued

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