Sunday, February 17, 2008

Visit Taiwan 2008 apology for the late posting on my second Taipei trip.

The flight was smooth except the early morning transport that did not pick me up and caused me some stress in the morning. The condo guards must have pitied me standing on the roadside worrying over the stoopid transport added with super busy phone numbers. What a day to start!!

How do you know when you've done a great job on board?
When you're having a Probationary status, been flying for less than 2 months and yet suddenly two of your leading stewardess (higher rank) asked whether you were an ex-crew before. Fly me to the know what it means :) *hahahaha...should have had my check on this flight ugh...

I finally got to meet Nick and Ruby (my AIESEC friends) again. They wondered what I wanted to do in Taipei since I've been there before...

so... this was what I want!!

Super yummy chicken cutlet *not the uncle haha

We then proceed to walk around Taipei Main Station. There are plenty of shops there and seriously the price is simply irresistible. Imagine 200NT for a pair of boots (less than SGD10,-) and a male shirt for 100NT. Or you can have your face drawn for a hundred NT as well. OH MY...

We also went to other markets *markets are famous hang-outs in Taiwan*, tried some other snacks... but I did not shop anything. My 2100NT that I've just changed was nicely kept in my purse.

Posing at the train station.
You gotta queue to enter the train * you hear me?

Ice-cream tastes better with great companions
L-R: Ruby, Sheana and Nick

When I returned home on Saturday evening, a Bdae party was going on. Boca (my housemate from Hungary) was celebrating a late Bdae party as she was back in Hungary on that important day. So..add those booze, hungry stomach, crazy AIESECers, 'sexy AIESEC dance moves', I have never games... we got a rocking party!

Happy Belated Birthday Boca!

Nah.. I was just acting!
They finished my Ukraine's vodka in a split second.....huks huks

Owkay...I am old...
I am tired...
I am off...
for now!

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