Monday, February 11, 2008

taipei n i come

Frankly speaking, I ONLY have 2 flights that I am looking forward to this month (ehm..okay, make it 3 with my Jakarta night-stop where I got to meet my parents & bro for a few hours). The rest is mainly turn-around flights *and I mean it when I said MAINLY* and one Australia station - Sydney - :

  1. Taipei *again* on 15-15th Feb
    Hey peeps...see you there ok. I am excited to meet my ol' @ friends there. We haven't meet for over a year or two. It's gonna be so much fun wandering around with the locals :)
  2. 2. Rome on 19-23rd Feb *I am back Rome!
    - So.... am trying to SOS Uncle Google for his assistance now. Heaven's sake...anyone's help is welcomed!!
    - Any recommendation aside from the usual St.Peter, Colosseum, Trevi fountain and so on.
    - EUR 100 enough for 3 days?? argh...I can hear the spell: broke broke broke
    - What type of transportation is best for a tourist like me?? *grin..haha

Colosseum in the evening
*am expecting a crazy bunch of crew whom I can take plenty of pics with muahahaha

I am calling for an S.O.S and S.O.S and S.O.S here...

Awh...if the plan goes accordingly, I am gonna meet Ratna and Lina *my ol' housemates in Penang* in Sydney. Better come down to the hotel and meet me there yaaa...hahaha

And ah so gonna scold you for not meeting us when you dropped by in Singapore!!

Er...remember the Korea trip...remember the Namdaemun gate *Korea's #1 National treasure?? Won told me last night that it was burnt by yet an identified person *I assume it's a HE. My God... such a waste of history and cultural preservation!! shoo...shoo....go away

Ugh...suddenly this post is just so random and confusing.

Anyway... have a great Rat year....cit cit cit...

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