Sunday, February 17, 2008

home = food

After a long-tiring day (or days) at work, it feels really good to have a 'home' and feel at 'home' indeed.

So far the five of us have been coping well with each other. We drew up basic rules, house-cleaning schedule and so on. Guests have been giving us positive feedback of our place... so yeah, come and visit us more often *hoho.

Just a random pic taken from my room in the evening

In addition, with 3 nationalities under one roof, we get to learn other culture and yeah... taste different food too. Coupled that with our travelling frequency *hoho... we really savour world's food. From Indonesia, Chinese, Hungary, Philippines and more to come...

The crew recommended the Philippine's cheese bun.
And we have to say... they're yummy-licious
More food coming up!

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