Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I am back to Seoul...

I am back from Seoul..yeay yeay yeay.
Another holiday for me and I am so happy I got to meet my friends there: Won, Eddie oppa, Patrick and Andrew. Sadly a few of them were not present...but still I had a great time. Thanks to Won for arranging everything.
Without him as our guide, we probably ended up ONLY at Namdaemun, Dongdaemun or Myoungdong. But we went to Dongdaemun, Namdaemun, Myoungdong and Insaedong. We also went to visit some other places along the way... which I don't know what is is called haha.
The thing is it's too cold for the two of us that our fingers were numb and we couldn't help but to start laughing to keep ourselves warm a little. Unsurprisingly, for them this is pretty warm compare to some other days. Well... for us... this is more than enough.
As predicted, the things in Korea is costlier than Taipei, so I did not shop as much. I wanted to buy a winter coat (one that can really keep me warm), but well.... my purse can't afford it -__-'' speak louder than they are:

Things you find in Korea (L-R, clockwise):
1. A Santa hanging on a building...cute heh!
2. A whole building for a cafe. Here is Coffee Beans, but they also have for Sta*bucks and other cafes. It is actually quite normal in Seoul *hm...wondering if it's really profitable
3. A roadside stall which sells hand-made book specially designed by the artist. So nice...huhu
4. Another marketing act. Seen here 2 guys rapping and singing at Myongdong, trying to sell shoes. Cool...hehe
5. A traditional performance by an ajushi at Insaedong. Ck ck ck... it's so impressive.

The guard-changing procession at one of the 'gate/wall'... so lucky wor!

A free hug campaign at Insaedong. So random yet my first time participating in this campaign. Heny was shocked coz we simply hugged a stranger. Finally, she understood the campaign and she hugged another Free-hug girl :)

Insaedong. A nice cozy area that is more 'traditional' with its artistic shops

A fit and healthy ajushi was seen at Ssamziegil centre softening the rice-cake dough.
Another marketing act to attract buyers.

He said, "Don't just stand there and take the rice cake" Hahahaha..

This is the cool Ssamziegil elevators but you just walk up and up and up

Won brought us to a nice traditional tea cafe.

Finally, I got to meet Patrick and Eddie oppa again...
yeay yeay yeay yeay...

At city centre where there're Xmas lights and decoration.
They even played Xmas song and it was simply beautiful.

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