Thursday, December 27, 2007

how was today?

I was called-up to do a turnaround flight to Denpasar. It was ok. The first SIN-DPS was much smoother and better than the second one. Some of the people *ehm ehm...I mean those who was seated throughout the whole journey* really tested my patience.

I am sorry Sir but I am not deaf. You did not have to shout at me.
I am sorry Mam for not having your main course selection. But you did not have to show me your 'attitude', simply because I can't find any 'beef' on board NO MATTER WHAT.

Cheers to pain legs.... and tired body and soul.

Off again to Saigon tomorrow.

Awh...I met the same family who took our flight from HK-SIN on my first solo flight. It was a nice coincidence. He still remembers me too *hahaha.... happy happy.


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