Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Aye...Xmas xmas xmas

Dear Santa,

I know I have never written to you for the past 23 years. This will be my very first time, I hope you understand though.

This is my first time spending Christmas all by myself, no family members, no friends whom I've known for months or even years, just super nice colleagues in Perth. It wasn't a glamorous celebration either, it was more of a quiet one. No eye-catching bling bling deco, no repetitive Christmas jingles, no big sale as in Singapore or some other cities *I am sure*. No turkey, no champagne, no eggnog, none. Just a simple Doner Kebab plus fries and Pepsi that cost me 9AUD accompanied by FoxTV.

Well... anyway, my point is ...
I have been good this year. I do.

So, are you coming?

Merry Christmas Santa...Merry Christmas everyone!
Love is in the air heee...


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