Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Aiyaya... my Panda eyes are getting more visible these days.
Bozhe bozhe preventive measures need to be taken before it gets worse.

Let me tell you about my freaking fun Saturday!

It was supposed to be a day where I can sleep and wake up late in the morning, lie down on my bed while dreaming about the beautiful things in life or simply watch movies from my notebook. But NO!! That Saturday we were asked to return to the training centre to attend our announcement class. If you're wondering what that is... try to recall those announcements on board in languages other than English.

Got it??
Yeah... foreigners are trained to deliver those announcement :)

So, the next time you take the-world-well-known-airlines-for-its-service to Jakarta, Denpasar or Surabaya, try to guess if it's my voice you're listening to!! wahahaha

Anyway, the class was kinda cool for a Saturday morning. With only gorgeous Indonesian girls *I'm complimenting the others lorr....* in the language lab, it was a rare occasion where we can chat happily in our own national language. I used to think it's pretty easy to do an announcement, but I was proven wrong. We have to know the sequence, we have to be alert in our translation, we have to be careful on our intonation, speed, articulation, etc to ensure we deliver the message in the most effective way (to sound confident, firm yet not too authoritative). Love it to the max....coz it reminded me of my hi-skul time... speeches, presenters, etc.
Man...can I be a news anchor one day?

So the grading passed succesfully *yeay yeay...I am recommended to do announcement! yippiee...

At around 2.30pm, we're set to go. I checked my mobile coz we're going to have a BBQ in the evening. 3 missed-calls and 1 SMS. Owkay...I clicked on the left button. Oh my... I was stunned, did I look at the right thing, did I read it wrongly, did I press any buttons? There appeared my best Ukrainian friend's name. I rub my eyes...it's still there. I was in a state of confusion when I asked my friends to check again. Oh my...

It's true...he did call. I SMSed to ask...and my ringtone was never as melodious as this one. Geez... thanks for the call *cloud nine cloud nine. It really made my day :) I talked to my big bro in Dnepropetrovsk too, Richard from Colombia. It's around 5C now... I could hear the trembles in their voice.

I MISS YOU guys so much!!!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed ok...hopefully I could visit you again next year ^^

Miss you guys more than words can say!

Hugz & kisses,
Dee-lighted Dee

ps: Will update about the bbq later....tired now haha

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