Monday, September 10, 2007

welcome new pals

More pics....

Batch 928's stewards:
- Brian from Malaysia: a self-professed clown. He used to be a trainer, so we can get advice for free
- Jason from Spore: *hehe* the oldest in our batch and the one who drives to work.
- Melvin from Msia: Used to be an engineer before the major change. A super nice and helpful guy. We all unanimously agree he is our CHAIRMAN and MONITOR always. Ah...HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Melvin tomorrow!
- Darryl from Spore: The Karaoke King. The flirt among the guys, but he's also the one who adds the fun with all his foolish acts and chatters *I always laugh when I join the Jason-Melvin-Darryl group haha
- Chia from Msia *not in e pic*: The youngest in our class and was an ex-crew too.

We DO like taking pictures for sure.... even our dearest mommy can only shake her head towards our hobby haha
*Me before my hair-cut hahaha

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