Thursday, September 13, 2007

wat a crap!

Let's see these pictures...

Wonder what's so special about them??

Observe carefully...

Taken at Holland V, Sasa 'Making Life Beautiful'.

So, how to be beautiful?
But, definitely NOT this one below:


Not with a 'common gecko' underneath ur nose trying to figure out what is inside.


Hm... training has been a lil boring these few days. Maybe coz it's near the end of the week and our energy level needs to be re-charged. Maybe coz the content itself is not interesting and thus we don't really enjoy the trainers' class. Maybe coz we've known some of the things that we lose interest in them. Maybe coz we don't feel well, too. Maybe...

For sure... I feel a slight 'burn' on my face-skin. It's reddish, itchy and uncomfortable *hate this for sure*. My cheeks were so red today and I had to force myself not to scratch *uhukkkk...

What is happening to me??


Oww... we're going for a class outing this Sunday to Sentosa. Hope I feel well enough to join them. Tired? Sure... but it's a whole class gathering, how can I miss it??

Another thing is I am gonna be the MC for the other batches' graduation ceremony next Tuesday *hey Jo, I am gonna be your MC haha*. I don't know whether the class 'sabo' me or coz they think I can do it *anyway...just be positive haha so must be coz I am pretty good* When Yanna, Heny and I returned from the German Embassy (we're late then), I was informed that the class picked me as the MC. Hm... I am gonna be hosting in front of the big boss, guests, my batch mates, etc.

Whatever it is... I AM GONNA DO MY BEST!! Bring pride to the class and good feeling of myself haha *it's in the blood...I toldja before.

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