Tuesday, September 18, 2007

sentosa for batch 928

It was our very first outing!

Batch 928 finally left our feet prints on Sentosa Island.

It was a day full of sweats, laughters, lame jokes, exercises... and picture-taking session.

The girls (incomplete) without our blue eye-shadow :)

The 'monkeys' in our class... haha
*don't you think they're such a poser too?? cute heh?


'Aladdin' and his 1000 princess

Guys....that's NOT what I meant when I toldja the pose -__-''

Final shot at Sentosa (which we sabotaged Brian)

Thai Express for dinner. Where was I?

Geez...I am just so tired. It's merely 8.30pm but my eyes are certainly crying for a sleep.
Too much information being passed around... and I am having break-outs *ARGHHH....
ps: If you seriously want to purchase the items below, lemme know personally k. Ow..this includes Triumph *hehe

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