Saturday, September 08, 2007

I hate make-up

Week One is over, time flies I gotta say. Five more weeks before we have our 2-day exams and then proceed to the next training programme.

So, how does it feel? How do I feel?
Mmphh... I am surviving. Bring it on.
I like my friends in that room 7.
I like my mommy trainer for sure, she knows how to encourage, bond and motivate us. Yet, she still listens to us and tries to 'protect' the fresh us.
I like having those breaks in between and then we'd sit in the canteen and start all those craps and plans.
I like listening to the experience sharing and some case studies.
I like the games and more role-playing to come up for sure.
I like feeling that I'll be able to pull it out.
I kinda like the Malay food and soya-bean drinks in the canteen *and it's affordable haha

Of course, there are prices to pay, and some times I wonder why am I going through all these things that I don't really enjoy doing:
Waking up so early in the morning just to ensure I have enough time to put that required make-up *my biggest enemy for now
Donning that formal wear *bye bye to my jeans
Taking quite a long bus trip *which I kinda enjoy* that can be tiring coz I can't afford to be late and get sacked
Anticipating the assessment anytime anywhere *You're being assessed ALL the time
Ensuring I bring all the relevant modules and documents needed
Being discipline and aware all the time
Studying for exams? *aihh.... I thought I am done with that

Tough??? You bet.

A friend mentioned she'd love to return to her home country on her 2nd day.
Another feels bad for her language ability.
A 'slap on his face' for a guy because of his hairstyle.
Another haircut for me *two haircuts in less than a week now -___-''

I have to admit I am never good at dolling up myself. I won't put make-up skills ever on any questionnaire that is handed to me. NEVER! And this showed two days ago during our grooming class. I was left in despair, fell hard to the ground that it hit me in the bull's eye. Can I do this?
Blue eyes and red it shouldn't be that hard, should it? We spent 1 hour just to put the right one... and guess what. It was not even right for me. I hate it! I hate feeling conquered and miserable. I hate the feeling that I look like an ugly duckling among the rest.
Enough eye liner, lip liner and eye-brow pencil *wth... I don't even know how to use these.

Say what? On my way home, feeling down and depressed, the taxi driver told me about the power of will. We CAN do it if we want to. 'You are strong, yet humble. I can see you will do good,' was his piece of advice. It sounded right...

Anyway, practice makes perfect. So, if I were to continue, I'd have at least another 2.5 years to learn how to put the right make-up and style the right hairstyle, wouldn't I?



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