Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Day 3

I am still enjoying it, but the long traveling hours really tires me out.

The batchmates are really FUN peeps to hang out with *haha...super lame jokes are always being thrown by the clowns.

The trainers are really diverse (funky to demure, Chinese to mixed races, ...) but they are ALL really friendly for sure.

These 3 days, we learn alot on the tradition, history, organization, rules and codes of conduct as well as experience sharings. Not to forget some stories and jokes here and there.
So... we've been warned and therefore, I shall apologize that I can't reveal much on this 3.5-month training.

Nevertheless, should there be any interesting incidents.... I'll let you know :)

But I am proud that our batch is prolly one of the most diverse batches *yeah yeah...

Hope you all are doing great.

and I still dislike wearing formal wear, period!


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