Friday, September 21, 2007

exam is coming

EXAMS in 2 weeks time.... exactly 2 weeks time....

and I thought I despise exams, and I won't have anymore of them.

Start studying this weekend coz the passing grade is 80%, and we are not allowed to fail 2x (hm...two times throughout the whole course, NOT just this one).

Ganbatte ne!!

Yesterday we had our Beverages - Alcohol class. So, the first half of the day was superbly boring and dry. I admitted I almost fell asleep in class... geez

But after lunch, guess what? We went up to the mock-up and tested the alcohol. We even mixed some cocktails *yeah yeah*. I can fix my own Bloody Mary now... *huek huek...I don't like it*. Drank a lil... but I still prefer the Orange Juice haha...

Ow... I am selling my HTC Touch (LIME Green). So, interested....please click here :)


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