Sunday, September 30, 2007

diversity is wonderful

What make my training sessions much more enjoyable and FUN?

Let's see... aside from crazee bunch of 'quiet' mates, silly jokes and gossips *haha*, interactive sessions and interesting trainers...

We also have lotsa role-plays. And I gotta say we have plentiful talented actors and actresses in the class, not to forget a couple of clowns.

It is much easier to relate and understand through demonstration of the points. From non-verbal communication (gestures, eye contact, body language, etc) to handling some passengers, we've been there and done that.

We've had Joko and Siti *names have been changed to protect their privacy*, a newly-wed couple, discussing about their honeymoon. Calling each other "Honey arr..." while showing us their pictures *hohohoho.... and you should see the natural blushers on the guy's cheeks*.

Another fresh wife, Ijah, went on to exclaim, "This is the best honeymoon I have ever had," when asked by Roma, her husband about their honeymoon. The class bursted out laughing... HAVE EVER HAD??
The scene was then followed by a fight among two women on board out of jealousy, when Inul, the woman next to them started to 'talk' to Roma. Hilarious....

Have you ever heard a comment made by an air-steward, "Yes Mam, I am sure you have wonderful thighs." Or maybe by an air-stewardess, "Don't forget to call me if you need. Just press the 'right' button ok," while her fingers pressed onto the male passenger's thigh *wahahaha. Just can't believe how creative we are!

Besides that, I've been using my Chinese again. At least I am trying to improve my deteriorated Chinese. Now, we have 7 Chinese girls (3 transferred to our batch) so I shall utilize this opportunity.

Of course, we do teach some Indonesian words too.
Siapa nama kamu?
Siapa lo?
Terima kasih
Bebek Betutu

Joko learned anjing, goblok (meaning: dog, stupid) *geezz...* while Tono can't pronunce monyet (read: mo-nyet, meaning monkey) but mo-nyieekkk.

Wahahaa....what a colourful class!

ps: It's been a month since I started work... where's my moneyyyyyyy?

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