Thursday, August 09, 2007

sweet ol fren

Ah, finally I got to meet Venessa again after *hm..lemme count... since hi-skul?* wow... 5 years? She was in Singapore for a short transit, so we met up, had lunch and they did some shopping *not me...I'm literally BROKE. She has not changed much, I can still recognize her easily *hehe* still a girl with the same characters. Great time catching up and updating our lives although it was a brief encounter.

Have a safe flight dear!

Venessa under the Bugis sign *hehe..

and the gank...

make sure u guys do a proper pose this time!!

ps: It's great to be involved in AIESEC Welcome Tea *gosh.. reminds me of a year ago when I panicked over my NTU Welcome Tea huhu

pps: Hey Pong, nice catching up with you again... in person! haha cieee...yg da kerja haha


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