Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Imagine that everytime you see a Panda or Panda's eyes, or talk about it.... You end up laughing your throat out. I think I am gonna start that now :) *hahaha

The story was that I was chatting with a very special Ukrainian friend last night on MSN. He told me that the Exec Boards haven't slept since the day before as they were busy preparing for Ukraine's recruitment stuffs, including him for sure. Cool heh! (Hint: Ukraine's capital, Kiev, is bigger than Singapore. So... preparing for whole AIESEC in Ukraine for me is really cool).

Based on my experience, when he's tired, his eyes are gonna be droopy and I can clearly see his Panda eyes below *haha..peace man! So, throughout the brief chat, I couldn't stop projecting his face with huge Panda eyes... haha just like the one above. I showed him the pic.... in which he replied: "Ow.. you get the pic before I do. I owe you this time." *hahaha... isn't it cute??? I simply couldn't stop laughing *in silence, coz my sis was sleeping*... But it was seriously HILARIOUS.

Thanks for making my day dude! I owe you again heh... Good luck for the recruitment and the DT.CEED.UA project.

ps: Yah... it worths more than 2 cups of coffee *or Frappucino from *bucks haha

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