Tuesday, August 14, 2007

it is a great day

It was a good day indeed and I am happy.

Hmph... let's start with me traveling all the way to NTU to settle my bank loan *geez, why did I have to queue?* today as I couldn't do it yesterday because I did not bring my passport *heyloo... the lady did not tell me this at all*. So, I finished the business and headed to Lee Wee Nam library to find Lele.

Hey yeah... Nophie and I finished reading the Indonesian book, Kambingjantan, in a few days time. Pretty fast heh! Lai..lai..lai.. we welcome more books!

We talked for a while and then I had to go to our AIESEC NTU booth. It was our 2nd day of Recruitment Fair in NTU. I quickly packed my Chicken Curry Don and headed there. Met the EBs and members, and even Siew Yik-NUS-, Kenny-SMU- and Celine -SMU-. Cool man! I love it when we are there for each other :) B.O.N.D.I.N.G hahaha

And then Lele came to visit the booth. OMIGOD, she just received So You Think You Can Dance season 3 episode 1 - 17. Wahahaha surely, I copied all them onto my external HDD. Thanks muchie Lele!

But the greatest satisfaction came during the NTU Welcome Tea. The OC deserves a round of applause. The Exec Boards and @ers were so helpful and encouraging, the crowd was crazy enough, and we had Cecilia, Tong, Devi, Jing Wen, Reinhard, Celine, Alina to pay us a visit *and some of them presented too*.

I like the feeling when I knew I had done my best. My presentation was a bit technical coz I covered what AIESEC is, AIESEC Experience, our culture, our learning, and a lil bit of my own @XP. I tried my best to make it fun and easy to comprehend, I hope they understood me well enough *haha*. It's just great to be able to help out and contribute still, despite my fresh Alumni status. I love the feeling, the bonding, the lame jokes, the rollcalls on the stage, the free banana fritters and curry puff *hihi* and the chance to meet some more senior @ers. It's really great to see you guys there ^^

Ah.. anyway, I had my Bahasa Indonesia test today. It was FUN. The senior stewardess is from Indonesia too and she's very friendly. We even talked about the job and she gave me some advices and shared some stories too. She has been in S*A for 11 years. WOW... It was so comfy to talk to her that I feel like I was actually talking to a friend of mine *serious mode*. "It's just great to be able to speak Indonesian and meeting someone who speaks your language too," she adds. COOL!!

So, how was the test itself?

Selamat siang Bapak-bapak dan Ibu-ibu, tanda sabuk pengaman telah dipadamkan. ....

I had to recite the whole paragraph that she read out, pretending I was making an announcement onboard. Hoohoho.. I nailed it down.

"It's perfect. Convincing and confident, and this is what we're looking for." *smug face*

Okie then, she said she would help us to process it faster *It may take up to 2-month for Indonesians acc to her*. So, I can only say THANKS MUCHIE, and see you soon.

What a great day!

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