Saturday, August 18, 2007


I am missing the feeling of having a real HOME.

Hm... see, I have been out of my real Home Sweet Home since I was 14. My sis and I were in Penang, Malaysia for our hi-skul education. We did not plan to study abroad at such an early age, but the political and security issue back in our home country forced us to fly away. So, there we were in a foreign land by ourselves.

We rented a room with the other 2 friends, and in total there were 6 of us in a house. Our auntie -landlady- stayed next door. She is a really nice person, I admit. We learned to be independent ever since, especially when I am the oldest one in the 'family' I also have to take care of my new siblings *haha and be responsible of them. Although we had the whole house for us, but the ground floor was used as an office in the morning. Yeah... it was more of a 'home' compared to some other accommodation that came after that, but it's still an incomplete 'home'.

So, four year after we first arrived in Penang, I graduated and was admitted to NTU - Singapore. Again, I had to spend another 4 years in the University. It was merely a room in NTU also, where I had to share the pantry and restroom with the other occupants.

Now, I am sharing a room with my sis. We rent a room in one of the HDB in Toa Payoh. It's a pretty small room for the two of us *or maybe coz I have too much things after my slightly over 4-year stay. We shared the pantry and the toilet. Most of the time, we choose to stay in our room and do our own things.

Hence, I am missing the feeling of having a real home.

A place where I can have my own room and decorate it nicely according to my style.
A place where I can cook whatever I want, and not just soup or noodles.
A place where I can have the TV for my own *hahaha*
A place where rules are meant to be broken
A place where I don't have to worry being kicked out or when the lease is going to expire
A place where I can sit in the living room comfortably without fear of someone coming in and scold me
A place where I don't have to listen to those calculative acts
A place where I can invite my friends along
A place where I can proudly say, "Hey... let's come to my place!"


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