Wednesday, May 09, 2007

my internship figures

Let's play with numbers :)

Finally I spent some time to exercise again after being busy for the past few months due to Final Year Project.'s FUN! Feel a bit like tai tai *Chinese for rich wife who usually spend time playing mahjong, gossiping and shopping* these late few days too.

And heaven's yeah...I finished another Kdorama series "My Girl". It's OK only, slightly boring and draggy *as usual*. So, 2.5 thumbs up coz the main actress is cute and very cheerful, making those who watch her feel happy too. You can watch this if you have extra free time or bored.

My name is Kim Sam Soon or My Lovely Sam Soon is GREAT. 4 thumbs up and better watch this if you think you're a big fan of Kdorama. Love Hyun Bin *the main actor*. He screams H.O.T. The cool hunk, Daniel Henney, is in too, but guess I don't really like his acting there *and that wide forehead huhuhu pizz*. Sweet supporting actress, but she gets on my nerves *haha....the script forced her to act that way

Ja...already copied lotsa movies onto my lappie and HDD haha

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