Thursday, May 10, 2007

I'm at Istanbul

Time: 07.50
Location: Behind *bucks Coffee at Atakoy Airport, Istanbul

I made it this far, an over-12-hour flight. Pretty fine except that my 'new' seat couldn't get the in-flight entertainment signal and thus I was forced to rest.

The plane did not take off till almost 12 midnight due to the heavy air traffic at Changi Airport, but it was also coupled with the strict security check for all our carriage.

The lady who sat next to me was from Indonesia *hahaha what a coincidence*. She's on her way to Istanbul, working for a gov institution with her hubby. She shared some things about Turkey which can help me when I travel there later.

It wasn't full house, so many passengers have extra space to put their heads and legs when they rest. So, I decided to move to a new seat, 2 rows behind. So, I paid for one seat but I got two seats. Unfortunately, these new seats couldn't catch the signal for the in-flight entertainment. So, went to sleep till 4am in the morning when my body started to ache.

Walked down the aisle to the toilet while serching for more empty seats... haha I wasn't the only one I suppose. All were taken, either by bags, blankets, heads and legs. Couldn't sleep so was kinda contemplating for some time before I tried different positions to rest well. Didn't wake up till my Esprit watch showed 8am.

Couldn't stand any longer, I asked the lady in the centre seats to give me one seat from her four seats *hahaha*... So, I spent the rest of the journey watching Joey, Friends, Two and a Half Man and Nada Sou Sou.

Hey Lele....who said the movie isn't sad at all. It IS, although it's not so sappy. But it's a touching story hehe I have a thing for movie starring small kids or like when they go back to their past and childhood moment. That's why I like Jdorama and Kdorama haha *pizz...mungkin lo lagi stress Le pas nonton hehe ato keburu bete ama cewe yg nangis sesungukan itu loch..^^

Turkish Airlines definitely can't beat the well-known Singapore Airlines. The cultural differences and the 'service level' are intertwined. Guess what:
They don't greet Sir or Mam
They speak casually
They don't have Apple Juice (but Tomato, Cherry and super sour Orange Juice)
They smile less
They put the bread bucket on empty seat (while servicing the food)
and....what surprised me most..
They passed me the bread without serviette. Straight in front of me, so I need to use my hand *wow*

However, what I like are:
Pretty cool in-flight entertainment (not too much options but a good combination)
Bright blue seating and blanket *very hip and fresh
Not too full *haha...I can have two seats

Okei...just wanna say that I've arrived in Istanbul safely, leaving to Kiev in 35 minutes.
Update you guys later...with some pics :)

Ki wo tsukete!

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