Saturday, April 14, 2007

VOTE VOTE VOTE for me here please and you stand a chance to win $100 shopping vouchers. Not bad rite?

It's an event by Yellow Pages and I can win SONY PSP if I got the most votes lar *wahahaha

OK, it's not my intention to participate. My sis and I were walking down Orchard Road when a lady approached us to join in the Merry Mask-A-Teers Contest. So, we basically coloured the mask and voila...they took a picture of us holding it, and then just get people to vote.

Haha...i'm like the rare species there, coz majority are kids *real kids*. But well...we all have a childish side of us ^.*

So, click here.
Register yourself before you can actually vote.
Go to Album Day 1.
Find Diana Davidson *as usual..people make mistake of my name. So,'re not the only one hehe*
Click on the STAR shape


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