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Branding, Innovation and Social Responsibility workhop

Did I mention about my AIESEC NTU workshop before?

The one where we got both cash sponsorhip as well as venue sponsorship?

And not to forget, 3 prominent speakers from its field?

Not to be missed: A famous strong lady to chair our panel session?

Well, it finally happened last Saturday - 3 March 2007.


AIESEC in NTU is proud to present a workshop on ‘Branding, Innovation and Social Responsibility’ that features prominent speakers of Mr. Hermawan Kartajaya, the president of the World Marketing Association, Assoc Prof Hooi Den Huan, Associate Dean [Corporate Services] from Nanyang Business School and Assoc Prof Wan Chew Yoong, Acting Head, Marketing and International Business, Nanyang Business School.

We are honoured to have Ms. Claire Chiang, Ms Claire Chiang , the Senior Vice President of Retail Operations, Banyan Tree Holdings Pte Ltd and the president of Singapore Compact for Corporate Social Responsibility to chair the Q&A session.

The audience..okay, this is incomplete ^.*

I'd like to thank our sponsors for enabling us to make this event happened too: CPA Australia and Singapore Compact.

The Organizing Committee deserves a round of applause and a real pat on the shoulder for doing such an amazing work. They must have learned alot during the process: taking into account my 'nagging', meetings with Prof Hooi, the team and the Preparation Seminar team coz it's a dual event, my constant emails asking for information and updates, the strict visual guidelines of AIESEC and the sponsors, the endless emails with the speakers and sponsors and many more. I am really really proud of you guys....such an independent committee that I can rely too. Thanks for making my stay in @NTU worthwhile. Lucia, Anubhav, Grace, Wira, Chewy, Lita, Hazel, Jun Ming, Haoyang, Boon Ming, Alvin, guys are our real assets. Keep the great work k!

The great OC team and the speakers.. *woo hoo

Time for some actions baybeh!

Great thanks and congratulations to the Preparation Seminar OC team too. The emcees, Celine and Aaron for accommodating our requests. The AIESEC members, the Member Committee of AIESEC in Singapore, the Student Nominees, the NTU students and members of public....thanks for making this happened.

The event was a full house, that we even prayed that some people who have bought the tickets would not turn up. The place was nice with Singapore River and Esplanade as its view. We had the Sky Garden at the side too *haha and we made full use of this place to take crazy pics for sure.

The girls' power! *Chewy...we can edit you in ^^

The speakers were very happy to be part of our event. Everything went smoothly, no major incident or error happened. They were impressed by our professionalism. The audience found the workshop as insightful, some even said that 'It probes me to contemplate'. Amazing!! And yeah..I couldn't stop smiling whole day because of that.

I am really really lost beyond words to explain how proud I am with my members. They have grown alot during this 3 months preparation period. From knowing nothing about organizing an event, they learnt all the small nitty gritty details. Well...I was a biatch too when it comes to some incidents where we had to accommodate last minutes changes and requests. Sorry ar, but I won't let my team being 'bullied' too *huh...

Here is the team, minus Chewy, Alvin, Haoyang, Boon Ming and Pang.

Seriously....This makes my journey as Local Committee President [LCP] of AIESEC NTU more colourful. Too bad if you missed it... AIESEC can only do so much in providing you with all the platforms and opportunities, whether you take it or not... It's up to you!

So,'s great, we know. What else can I ask, you guess?

My freakin precious pic ^^

A reply on my mailbox:

"You are great organiser.

I also saw your leadership.

I am proud of you Diana.

Keep in touch."

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ps: In case you have no idea who is HK.... He is Pak Hermawan Kartajaya... *awgghhhhhhh can't stop smiling, smug face now.

GUYS, it's GREAT to be an LCP!

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