Monday, February 12, 2007

BBQ is FUN...and FUN is BBQ

So, are you single?
'Yes'... came out as soon as the question was asked....
by a bunch of Mama-razzi

Are you available?
Er...hid his face and try to run away... but NTU will keep on haunting ya dude!

The 6kg chicken proved themselves to worth the challenge. It was delicious and endless [too many]. We basically finished everything except the chicken and 2 loaves of bread: tangerines, fishballs, sausages, bread, otah, marshmallow, corn and drinks.

Started with a couple of guys and I fought to lit the fire, then became the chef of the day with son-in-law Xie Wei, Uncle Nic, daughter Wang Fang and Qiqi as the food-tester *hee.... he wish lor*. Later I joined the 'crazy' group of girls to play around and ask totally spontaneous random questions to the other guys, just for the sake of having fun * IS fun. In the end, Xie Wei was the first victim, then Siew Yik, then Peggy, then ... then ... then ...

I like sharing coz it helps us to bond. By sharing, you're in a way saying that you're ready to trust the people you share the stories to and therefore they will share in return. It's a mutual thing. Or even if it does not happen that way, well... the step in getting to know oneself has been laid and I think it's good to happen. I like when everyone took turn for Q&A, made jokes of oneself or others, gave constructive inputs, shared their XP and offered their thoughts on certain issues. Seriously...I luve it! and I am much more in luve with @NTU *awhh....

So, here it is: the cook, the provocator, the interrogator, the supporter, the cheerleader, the listener and many more. Not to estatic LCP [Local Committee President].

Btw, before the BBQ, I went for maybe one of those most important events in my life, those that will create a huge impact in my life, those that when I grew old I can look back and smile for going and doing it. It was AIESEC Student Review Board.

It was scary I have to say. I was scared that I took it too lightly, that I did not plan and put much effort into it. Butterflies were playing hide and seek inside my 'tummy' *huhu* and the two hours wait did not make it easier. Hearing that my turn was after Dei was even more disastrous ... coz the two of us have totally TWO different styles. Dei, his visions and diplomatic answers. Dee and her bluntness. If you're an interviewer, which one do you pick? If you're going for a job interview, which style do you use? Geez...

To cut it short, due to certain circumstances they finally changed my interviewers and I had to wait for another round before my turn. Yap... more butterflies and even their babies were growling.

OK...Smile...Take a deep breathe...Enter...Say Hi...Shake hands...Intro myself...and try to make myself as comfy as possible.

And then the rest was a story... I talked alot, we laughed alot. I answered the questions, they asked more questions. But one thing was apparent...they nodded too!

Heaven's yeah...I GOT IT!! I GOT IT!!
and to massage my ego abit...I am highly recommended *haha.
But... I do wish to get feedback on my interview skills & performance. Can I?

Counting down: 2 days to the over-commercialized Vdae, 4 days to home sweet home :)

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