Monday, January 22, 2007

Painitng Season starts now!

Rain is finally in town.

And today was the day for his grand concert.

But, today did not RAIN-ing at all.

And the papers call him 'boring'... haha *Im not making any sense here, I know!

Well, I am not so crazy that I would spend $188 to buy the cheapest ticket and look at those dancing dots on stage.

Instead, I spent my whole day at National Youth Centre b'coz today was the starting of our Painting Season *yeay yeay yeay*. From taking cab to get to NYC *aiya...too tired to wake up on time* and finally after spending 12 hours there, I got to take the train back to hostel.

It was FUN FUN FUN!! and so cool to be surrounded by creativity.

Let the pictures do the talking then.

Let me introduce my crew!
Muzzy ~ my Funky Preppy Nerd actor, Allie ~ the boss, Cherie ~ the talented artist and Muzzy and Kumaran 'Puff Daddy'
Really love the volunteers spirit! You go people!

L-R [Top]: Ee Shaun and his reserved 'cat chair' ~ cutie, Jonathan and his birdie and Bates Creative Director's art piece
L-R [Center]Bjorn and his gf under the sun, Samuel with his crayons and the bright red chair
L-R [bottom]: Cara 'the aluminium foil girl', Bjorn and the pinkie puzzle and the Hawai-stylo chair

Top: Our decoration pieces *must come ar*, the lonely pinkie chair and the intricate design *cool
Center: This is so Cherie's style lor, and the impressive piece with huge effort as well as the 'Evolution'?
Bottom: Merry Birdie was almost done, the chair that took our breath away *at least 4 of us wanna bid for it ^^' and another cool black stylish chair

So, don't forget to come down, enjoy the show, bid for your favourite chair, win some prizes and bring home the art piece while contributing to the society, especially the youth!

See you all on February 3rd, 2pm onwards at *scape Youth Park [next to Sommerset MRT].

For more information, please go to

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