Friday, January 12, 2007

long wait and pain

If I told you that I choose to let it go, would you come and tell me not to?
If I told you that it's just too hard to bear, would you come and stand by me?
If I told you that the wound hurts more than ever, would you come and heal my pain?
If I told you that the feeling is no longer there, would you believe me?
If I told you that it's finally over... then let it be!


Gosh, been a freakin' busy week...doing my Final Year Project which finally sees light at the end of the dark tunnel *what a long wait for you to come...

And isn't doing a favour too...I can't upload pics when they say it tells you 1 million stories...

Grumpy me isn't helping either...and I feel bad for not being a more positive person and released my 'anger' to those who care about me...

I am sorry!!

My wish for all: Let's just ROCK the new year!!

Gambarimasyou mina-san...

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Posted by Ddee at 2:51 AM


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