Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Bid babe!

You guys must be sick of hearing me promoting my 100 Chairs event, but no choice dearies... I will still be writing about it till it ends, and that means at least another 2 weeks from now.

So, what is this event about?

100 Chairs,
100 Youth Artists,
100 Channels of Blessings,
100% Visual Experience

100 Chairs is a fully youth run event organized by *scape, aimed at fostering youth creativity and promoting the arts as a platform for youths to contribute to the community.

Artists will be invited to unleash their creativity and paint 100 wooden chairs, which will be auctioned off and proceeds from the auction will go to a charitable organisation.

The 100 chairs will be displayed at *scape Youth Park from the launch cum live auction day on 3rd February 2007 till 11th February 2007.

On the event day, there will be on-site LIVE Auctions accompanied by fringe performances [bands, dance performance, fashion and prizes] at *scape Youth Park. Some of the bands performers are Peepshow,The Lentor Incident, Superillegals and Blackstar as well as dance performances from NUS Temasek Hall, Studio Wu and PSB Academy. 20 randomly selected chairs will be up for your bids, so make sure you fight for your fave ones!

In addition to that, the remaining chairs will be auctioned online from 4 - 11 February 2007. Please log on to for more information on the online auction.
The bid starts from $15 per chair... great investment for cutie chairs *yeah
The artists have different styles of painting heh!
So touched by their effort...
*hiks hiks srott..

More poses, especially on Cherie who was looking for inspiration haha

The Charles & Keith chairs... corporate adopters
plus Puff Daddy and Dee at the costume shops searching for Street Gang props
Yah.. end of report.
Exhausted Dee

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