Sunday, January 28, 2007

After a week at NYC


My body aches now even when I sit, especially my back.

I am exhausted and really dislike waking up early in the morning just to get there in time [1.5hr to reach].

I smell the paint, varnish & pylox fumes till I can't sense 'em anymore.

I am used to having my hands and clothes stained by the end of the day.

Potato chips, chocolate bars and biscuits are our dearest friend for this week.

But I am glad that for the past one week...

I made lotsa new friends...from volunteers to artists to corporate reps

I learned alot on handling small unprecedented matters...

I equipped myself with some painting techniques and stimulate my creativity too *haha

I gained experience in handling budget...

I challenged my working style with these people...

I got to know myself better *I can be freakin crappy huh

I had so much FUN and days full of laughters


Just make the most out of every single second that you have. ENJOY your life!

Wish you all the best and do take a very good care of yourself k!

More and more chairs.... Yosh

More designs.... lovely!

OK..we are tired k...

coz we need to clean the stained floor, take pics, varnish the chairs and so on... wakaka

We are high in adrenaline... so this was what we did to entertain ourselves :)

L-R: Our infamous graffiti artist in Singapore - Rozaimi, a cute-looking guy, 'SUPPORT' and Mr. Cranky!

A seductive lady and two musicians

Preview of my Street Gang

Dee in action:
Oops... is it clean?

ps: From all chairs that I've displayed here, which one do you think is my fave?

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