Friday, December 15, 2006's an amazing NLDS ever


Yup, that's what one of my Executive Boards commented on AIESEC in Singapore Leadership and Development Seminar. He is disappointed 'coz it was ONLY 4 days. Great one! ^.*

It was a super BLAST I must admit. I can sense that the delegates change since their first day till the last day. The energy was superb. The performance was incredibly impressive that the facilitators' team was awed by them. The OC team was always ready to assist with smiles on their faces. I lurve it! I lurve to be part of this fabulous bunch of people.

Sessions time... with dances, rollcalls....You guys are impressive!

Although the first day was a lil boring due to the nature of the session, Developing Leaders Day which invited external speakers from Microsoft, CSR Asia, SMU and DHL, was another experience for me. The best was definitely our yellow mafia team - The DHL Asia Pacific trainees - you guys really rock the house. Yippee...

This is my second NLDS and last year, I was one merely of the delegates. This year, I joined a great bunch of AIESECers in the facilitators team. It's really an inspiring and eye-opener experience. 12 facilitators from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Poland, Luxembourg, Egypt, UK, Canada and Russia. Can you believe that? Working with them was so much FUN FUN FUN. The synergy, the witty jokes, the lamest craps on earth, the 'ehm ehm' dances and rollcalls, the diversity of opinions, their wonderful ideas and so many more.... are worth missing. Miss you all! I am proud to say that I just found myself another 'family' in Singapore. Life can be lonely at times, especially when you're busy running by yourself.

HIV/AIDS World Cafe session...
WE have our own cheers that is so wrrooooonnggg *wakakaka

I like so many parts of this year's NLDS. I lurve the stamina and spirit that my @NTU members showed. I do hope that you guys learned and enjoyed this as much as I do. I miss those impromptu rollcalls that we created *remember when we sabo NUS?? hehe*, the sharing session that ended with pictures taking *hehe poses no 1438B and 1-10 k*, the discussion on world's issues, the LC Rewards and Recognition announcement and those group hugs ...gosh...gosh... You're unbelievable! Thanks for being my motivation to keep on running and striving for excellence yar. Let's do it together k!

@NTU poses no. 1 -9

Ow... I got myself a new nickname. Bet my faci team lurves me too much *bonk bonk* that they called me 'China Bowl' and the whole plenary started calling me by that. Hahaha.. no worry, I am cool with that. Y'know what I had several pics of mine drawn by the delegates during their 'Sharing is Caring' session [which requested them to share on the good case practise or USP of their Local Committe] ..hiks hiks..touched. *too bad I lost all these pics whooaa...

Global Village on Day 3
*haha ate lotsa snacks from Taiwan, Egypt, Korea, India, Japan, etc..

Hm..seriously I am proud to be part of NLDS. I am proud to be selected into the faci team. I am proud to know so many great people. I am proud to have such EBs and members in my @NTU. And yah.. I am proud to be an AIESECer. depression mode is ON. And to make it worse, I lost my laptop with all the pics inside *shucks...shucks.. I lost all pics from Day 1-3 *OMG, how can I get those pics back??? I want them back!!! The value of the lappie lies in the content and data inside it. Gosh... I can't believe I feel numb over losing my 'unpaid lappie' but overtly depressed over losing those pics and data inside *tears flowing..shucks.. matter what....Life goes ON!! We'll meet again somewhere, somehow, some time great bunch of people.

L-R: 'Bing gege' Taiwan, Sze Fei, Dee, Lucia, Jessie, Tom Taiwan

And now...let's focus on Final Year Project and my AIESEC Branding, Innovation and Social Responsibility talk *yay*...

Who rocks the house?
NTU rocks the house...
It's up and down... and all the way round.

I know you know we like... Owhh NTU...

NTU aha aha.. I like it aha aha..

Mwah....mwah... So honoured to be part of you guys.

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